By Don Henderson
I guess everyone can remember where they were when J.F.K was killed and it is easy for
me to remember. November 21, 1967  I lived in the St. Patrick's apartments in Houston. I
learned that the Kennedy motorcade was going to be coming past and if I ran I could get
to the cross street where they were heading to Rice Hotel. It was about 3 or 4 blocks from
my apartment project. I didn't have time to grab a camera, although at the time I'm not
sure that I had one. I arrived in time to see the convertible with J.F.K. and Jackie passing
within maybe 15 yards of me. Because I saw a tree with someone in it, it crossed my mind
that it would be easy for someone to do something to him, not thinking anything would
really happen later. I was close enough to see that Jackie had very wide eyes or at least
she had a wide space between her eyes. She also looked very untanned. This is the first
and last time that I have ever seen a President and the picture was very vivid at the time
and remains to this day in my mind. The next day, while I was in my classroom at Hartman
Jr. High, the announcement came on the speaker saying that Kennedy had been shot. It
was a scary time, because we did not know what had happened. In back of everyone's
mind it might be because of the Cuban incident. At our school, we had been undergoing
practice exercises in case Russia attacked us. Each teacher was assigned a duty and we
were supposed stay at school in the event of a disaster to help monitor students. For a
little while, I forgot what I had planned for this very weekend, I was going to East Texas
State because I had a date with Betsy Curtis, who was an East Texas State Cheerleader.
We were supposed to go to a football game on Saturday night and I was going to stay with
Billy Mack Ingram and Mac Miller on Friday night, November 22 and Saturday, Nov 23. In
the back of my mind, I was wondering if there were forces out there that would cause
more problems, perhaps more assassinations or even an attempt to take over of our
government. Sounds silly now, but at the time I wasn't the only one thinking this.
Commerce is located about 60-70 miles from Dallas and still seemed close enough that
some danger might still exist.  I arrived at Mack's and Mac's apartment, which was
upstairs, in a garage apartment. I arrived  after midnight and got a real shock!! The
temperature was in the 30's and I was greeted with a note. "The couch is yours!!" There
was no heat in their place at all and the only thing they left me was a thin blanket. I froze
the entire night. I remember some things about the next day, but not many. I remember
going to a restaurant with Mack and Mac. We must have eaten breakfast, I don't
remember. The only thing that I do remember is Mac Miller put his last quarter in the
Jukebox to listen to some tune. That night was the game and was it ever cold!! Again in
the 30's and a very strong wind. Who East Texas State was playing, I could not tell you.
Betsy had to cheer and in between time, she would come and sit by me. Not many things
that I remember about this date, other than it was cold!! (did I say that??)  By the way, this
date started by Mac Miller betting me that I couldn't get a date with Betsy. Well, I knew
Betsy from Vivien's Rainbow Girls, but I don't think Mac Miller knew this. This memorable
weekend was not over yet. I am not sure how I knew about this, but my old Lamar Tech
college fraternity(Sigma Chi) was there that weekend to initiate East Texas State pledges
into Sigma Chi. There a formal secret initiation ceremony and somehow, I became a part
of it. I can not for the life of me remember how I was asked to play a part. The initiation
was to be in the East Texas State student life building and I'm not sure if I was in the
building before or after the initiation. While sitting in the lobby, watching the news cast of
Lee Harvey Oswald being transported, the entire world watched as Jack Ruby appeared
from no where and fired the shot that killed Lee Harvey Oswald. This happened on
Sunday and I was supposed to return to Houston. Quite a weekend for me and the entire
world. Monday was declared a holiday, so I had no class to teach, instead got to visit my
Grand parents in Malakoff.

Thanks allot for the warm blanket, Mack and Mac!!