What I Believe

Liberals Believe

Old Texas Democrats Believe

There is One God


There is One God

Moral Law cannot be changed

Supreme Court can change Moral law

Moral Law cannot be changed

Marriage is between a man and woman

Same Sex Marriage

Traditional Marriage is between a man and woman

Forcing a person to perform same sex marriage ceremonies is wrong

A person should be jailed if they refuse to marry same-sex couples

Did not have to worry about it because the only type of marriage ever was between a man and woman

Prayer in Schools

Violates Separation of Church a State

Prayer in Schools

Bible in Schools


Bible in Schools

The Posting of the Ten Commands


The Posting of the Ten Commands

The Quran banned in schools

The Quran should be taught in schools

No Quran in Schools

Nativity scenes in public places

No Nativity scenes in Public

Nativity scenes in public places

Abortion only in special cases

Anytime on demand

Abortion only in special cases

Selling Fetus parts forbidden unless death due to natural causes

Selling all Fetus parts is OK

Never would have wanted it

The Border should be closed

Open Border

Closed Border

Building a Wall will do nothing

No Wall

No Wall

Obama Care is a mistake

100% in favor of Obama Care

The Government does not have the right to force you to buy insurance

2nd Amendment Rights

Ban Guns

2nd Amendment Rights

Guns donít kill, people do

Guns are the problem

Guns donít kill, people do

No to School Vouchers

(I AGREE WITH LIBERALS, we need to fix public schools

No to School Vouchers

Did not need to worry, Public School were still good

Welfare for the true needy (drug testing required)

Welfare for all, no drug testing

Welfare for the true needy, but not cradle to grave

Illegals should not get free medical and education at the expense of locals.

Illegals free education and medical

Medical free insurance/education only for citizens or those on the path to citizenship

Standing for the National Anthem


Standing for the National Anthem

All Lives Matter, not just Black or White or Brown

Support Black Lives Matter

All lives matter

Support Police

Stand with Black Lives Matter

Support Police

Veterans should be a top priority


Vets should be a top priority

Supreme Court members and nominees should not favor political agenda and should not change Moral laws

We want Supreme Justices with Liberal Agenda

Lean toward Supreme Court justices who stick with the constitution

America is a special Country because of the Declaration of Independence: All men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain Unalienable rights

Not Special

Of course America is special, it was founded by men who believe in a Creator

Limited Federal Government

Strong Federal Government

State level control

Restrooms are should be made for Male or Female

Transgender should be allowed in the restroom of their choice

Never had to contend with this, restroom were for Male or Female



Respect for Muslims but not for their laws. Do you really want to treat women as their law treats them?


Do not restrict Muslims believe allow them to hold office regardless of their beliefs


Christianity is Americaís religion

No Free college tuition (we have enough free that all working people are going have to pay for)

Free college tuition

Free College tuition should be left to the states, otherwise America becomes another Socialist Country

Diversity means some short, some tall, some blond, some brunette, some curly hair, some bald, some fat, some skinny, some black, some white, some red, some yellow, some male, some female; all with their own God given traits

You must include all types including different sexual orientation, color, religion, male, female, transgender

All types and traits of people, all Americans

Should not spend $ to change the name of Texas Schools or mascots just because they were named after Texas Civil war heroes

Change the names of mascots and schools that offend anyone

History should not be changed

There is nothing wrong with having to show VOTER ID


We have always had to show voter ID