A SALUTE TO ROBERT MIZE     Return to Blake's Art
                                                                  By Don Henderson 7/1/14  

In 1957 several Malakoff Junior College students met the school bus daily at The Tiger Inn.  The bus was driven by Kirby
Benson (another student) from Scurry Rosser. This was a free service provided by the college for transporting students to
HCJC…Henderson County Jr. College, affectionately referred to as Hick-Chick. The bus often was full of students that were
picked up in small communities along the way. Among the group of course was myself, Eddie Nokes and Robert Mize.
Robert lived down the street from Eddie and I and we became fast friends after he had moved to Malakoff. As best I
remember, he was living with the Woods family and had previously lived in Alvin. We soon learned that Robert was a bright
guy and was a much better student than Eddie and I. As we made our bus trek each day, we were joined by students from
nearby Trinidad, Kerens, Scurry Rosser, Malakoff and perhaps others. Our ’57 class was well represented on board the
bus. Besides Eddie, and I, I remember Charlotte Evans, Blanche (Chicken) Allen, Judy Farmer, James Leopard, William
Giles, Carolyn Cade, Barbara Shumate, Ruth Graham (56 Graduate)  and perhaps others.  Most of us either did not have
a car or could not afford to drive one, you know “the high price of gas”……at least 25 cents/gallon!!! It was indeed a fun
time and we were all glad to be on board the bus and not having to drive. You know how bad the traffic was back then!!!
Robert and I had a math class together; and maybe other classes, because we were both Engineer majors. I barely kept
my head above water in the math class, while Robert Breezed through. It was during the Fall of ’57 that Eddie, Robert and I
went to the Dallas Fair and made our “jail” photo. If you look in the Photo you can see ’45 that Robert is holding. We called
ourselves “The Three Ciders” and made a 45 recording of “Sippin Cider Through a Straw”.  
What Robert wrote shows why we
loved  Robert.
His great sense of humor.
Robert was wishing me luck in my
Quantitative Analysis class which I
would be taking the next fall at Lamar
Tech. (and boy did I ever need it)
The prettiest girl  (the prettiest girl)
I ever saw (I ever saw)
Was sippin' ci- (was sippin ci-)
Der through a straw (der through a
The prettiest girl I ever saw
Was sipping cider through a straw.

I told that gal (etc.)
I didn't see how
She sipped that ci-
Der through a straw

Then cheek to cheek
And jaw to jaw
We sipped that ci-
Der through a straw.
And now I've got
A mother-in-law
From sipping ci-
Der through a straw.

note: Drinking straws
were invented, I'm told,
in 1813.
The song is often sung
with a pronounced lisp:
Thippin' Thi- etc.
"A" student spelling
Hears to greata
success in quan."