I am trying to piece together some memories about the Big Oaks Nightclub, but I am
having hard time finding anything. Here is what I do remember.....The Big Oaks was
located in Louisiana, just across what we called the Rainbow Bridge. There was no I 10
then, only hwy. 90. Several times Jerry Blufin and I went across the river to the Big Oaks
and he would dance with whoever would dance with him. Once (after having his share of
brew) he came back to our table and asked, "What does she look like?" and I
responded, "No, comment!" So Jerry left with her and returned sometime later. Later
Jerry realized that he had left with a dog. Another time some of my frat brothers talked
me into going across the river, but I said I could not go because I had no money. They
kept urging me and pleading, so I went to the bookstore and sold some of my college
books. You know what they give you for used books!! Anyhow, I must have gotten
enough to go over and get into The Big Oaks. Not sure what the cover charge was, but
I'm sure not much and not sure of the cost of drinks. I'm sure that I did not have enough
money to afford many. I can not remember if it was this time or another, but coming back
with me driving and one of the fraternity bros in the back seat grubbing with his date, All
of a sudden I looked in the rear view to see him throwing up!! Without skipping a beat he
with right back to grubbing with his date.
The band played one of our favorites, Cherry, Cherry Pie. I think is was Cookie and the
Cupcakes, though I can not find enough information to confirm this. It may have been
the Boogie Kings, which I think may have been the other band that played there. One of
the gals that went across the river was a gal named Sandra Poole and some band wrote
and sang a song about her. Anyone remember what they called it?
The link above goes to Cookie and the Cupcakes playing Matilda. If you remember all of
their tunes sounded the same. Could not find Cherry, Cherry Pie by them. SKIP AND