Got to thinking about it...I would make a perfect actor for the
old Tareyton adds!!
But I don't fight and I don't smoke.
Do ya'll remember the old Tareyton adds from the 60's??
Tuesday, Feb 10, I played a game of Tennis with my friends. Nothing out of the
ordinary happened. We all had good time and exercise; however, when I woke
up Wednesday morning....bingo!! I had black eye!! A Shiner!! I have not had a
black eye that remember since my Golden Gloves bout back in 1957 against
E.T. Boone. He knocked me down 3 times in the first round, twice in the 2nd
and I guess he was too tired from pounding on me, so 0 in the 3rd round. He
was the Golden Gloves champ from the year before and "Lucky Me" drew a first
round bye and then E.T. was my first......and only... real boxing match. I had a
black eye and a busted lip....but worse was my pride. My one thing that I was
proud of...I was determined not to be knocked out. If I had any sense, I would
have gone down and stayed down after the first fall. No one took any pictures
of my black eye back then so, I have no way of comparing, but Iim pretty sure
my new one is Worse. At least I know E.T. Boone was the source of the first
one. I have no idea about this one. I will be going into the doctor Monday to find
out if it is anything to worry about. Maybe I need to go to the doctor anyway
since I have not been since 20012. God works in strange ways.