Here you are with Mom, Shawn and
Jeff Powers at Carlsbad Cavern in July
of 1976. Later you attended Johnny K.
Powers and Debbie's wedding
Later in July "76, You visited
Granddaddy Tom and Momma
Wessie. Here you are with Momma
Wessie holding you along with
Granddaddy Tom, Mother, Shawn
and your Dad
Here you are in Spring with Dad,
Mammy, Maw Maw holding you, Paw
Paw holding Shawn Nov 1977
Your Mother is holding you in front of our
house with Mammy and Pappy holding
Shawn in Nov 1977
Here you are in Dec 1978 in our home
in Spring.
You and Shawn in front of our house in
1978 with our dog DeAnn
You are with Mom and Shawn in April
or Early May in 1976. Do you
remember this?
July "76 in Malakoff at Great
Grandmother Henderson's house
Shawn holding you, shortly after you
were born with Dad looking on.
Early Birthday Party at our house
surrounded by friends.
Here you are at our house goofing
around with Grandmother Henderson
and Shawn in about '78
With Mammy and Shawn Easter 1977
In '77 with Mammy, Mother, Dad,
Grandma Henderson, Shawn in front of
Mammy's house in Malakoff.
You at our house in Spring with your
friend Penny and in your pool with
Shawn and Mom looking on.
You in Mom's Arms with Shawn. Our
Green house in our backyard.
Mom, you and Shawn standing by
Pappy's Pickup which I think he bought
from Uncle Lee
An Early Christmas morning at our
house. Note the BIG TV!!
Christmas with their guns on Christmas
At the Sikoski's Santa holding Erika
and Blake and Shawn looking at Sam
Farrell as he take a picture with Pat
looking on.
This picture was made in Baton
Rogue while visiting Maw Maw
and Paw Paw.
Here you, Shawn and Robert  are
helping Paw Paw build your fort.
You, Shawn and your
cousins Robert and Debbie
Paw Paw holding you and Shawn in the
Ash backyard. About '78
You and Shawn in a Bluebonnet field
outside of Brenham
Dressed for Church, Mom and
Goliath in background
In 1983, Blake decided to be a runner, so we entered a Father/Son Race. I
cannot remember how long the race was, but I was 45 and had not done a lot of
running until Blake wanted to enter the race. Blake was VERY upset with me
because he was running ahead of me and trying to get me to speed up. He was
mad at me for not keeping up. We finished 3rd, which for him was 1st place
loser. This began my attempt to get back in shape, thanks to Blake. This same
year, when he was 7 he began playing soccer, which I had never played, nor
known anything about. Because of Blake and Shawn playing soccer, I became a
soccer coach and ended up coaching for almost 15 years in club and at Spring
High School.
Spring High Graduation in
1994. Pictured with is
Grandfather Ashe and Pat
in top Picture and his
Grandfather Bob  and
Grandmother Margaret
Ashe. His other
Grandparents Gladys and
Paul Powers were also
there for graduation, thanks
to Mable Rogers who
brought them.
Blake began playing soccer
when he was 7. He played
on the club team I coached
later in 1988 called the
Sting. During this time, he
torn is ACL and later
rehabbed and played on
the Spring JV team. He
played with varsity later, but
broke his arm during a
soccer practice during the
summer of his Junior year.
At that time he told me (as
much as he loved soccer)
I'm not going to be doing
soccer the rest of my life,
but I will be doing art, so it's
OK....and it was.
Blake in our new house in front of our
fireplace. We moved in on his 14th
Birthday, May 27, 1990, 40 years ago.
Blake at Graduation, School of
the Visual Arts, May '98
Peggy Ashe and Pat at Blake's
Graduation at Forsyth Park (remember
Forest Gump)  in Savannah Georgia.
May of '98
Charlie Brown and his wife became
friends with Blake when he frequented
their hamburger place during his four
years in Savannah. Blake was honored
that they came to his graduation. Blake
and his graduating group marched in
with live bagpipes playing.
Celebrating Blake's return from
Savannah, June 16, 1998. He was
greeted by Cosmo after our trip in which
Blake followed my car  from Savannah in
the Ford. The '64 Ford,  belonged to
Uncle Frank Farrell before he passed
away, It became Blake's car for his 16th
birthday. Blake drove the ford for 4 years
while in Savannah. It made four round
trips between Spring and Savannah.
Blake with Uncle Lee Rogers and J.D.
Robertson at the 1998 Reunion
Blake with Shadow before she died in
Blake with Shadow in the late 90's
preparing a scene to do a western painting
The Western scene from above
Blake and Mom Christmas 2012