Sixty three years ago we graduated from Dear Old Malakoff High. When we
graduated there were 28 dear classmates, but time has dwindled our number
and today, March 22, 2020, we are sad to post the passing of another beloved
classmate. Buster Carter, you will be missed.
I remember my initial meeting with Buster. During the summer of '53 Crossroads
lost their high school due to a fire and at that time we gained some terrific
students. This was our Freshman year for the 1957 Grads. For our group it
was actually our 2nd year in high school because we were the last 8th grade
class to be housed in high school. It was not long before we learned that Buster
was NOT a recluse. I think the best way to describe Buster was....he exuded
energy and confidence. Buster was a "live wire" bursting with energy. As we
were around Buster more and more, it became evident that he was the same all
the time. What you saw was what you got. His exuberance was displayed
wherever he was. For example when we had an activity period and Buster
played basketball, there was no hesitation for Buster to get with it. Buster tried
out for varsity basketball his Freshman year and though he was small this did
not stop his competitive nature. Did I mention....Buster was loud or at least
anything but quiet. Speaking of small, Buster, myself, Sonny Humphries, Bo
Johnson, Henry Allen and perhaps Ronnie Stockman were all about the same
size. Size did not deter Buster from any encounter. By the time were seniors we
all had grown but still were small. The following will be a few links to help you
remember Buster as he was in '53-'57 and I would be willing to bet, Buster
never changed personality-wise that much.
Below you will find a group picture those of our '57 who attended
the 2014 All class reunion, Buster's 1957 class picture, Buster
sited with his wife and Mabel Rogers Simmons, at our '57 50th