Coincidences Or …..????
Don and Pat Henderson
12/12/71-12/12/16…45 years!!!

It was during the 1st semester at Sam Houston High School in 1971. I rushed into the
counselor’s office to turn in my grades for the current grading period.  I ran slap-dab
into my future wife, Pat Ashe. She was a computer clerk for Dorothy Doreck, and though
I had seen her, we had not formally met. Grades were turned in at that time using one of
those “old fashioned” punch cards. We had to code in the grades using a #2 pencil and
then the card was sent through a machine and the grades were printed out. It’s been 45
years ago, so I don’t remember that much about the punch cards. One thing I do
remember, some teachers, ill-equipped to deal with the new system actually coded in
their punch cards with a ball point pen. Are you kidding me??? How does all of this
relate to Coincidences?? Well, for one thing, Pat and I ran into each other and now 45
years later, we still are running into each other. But there is more. We started dating in
October of that year (1971) and I met her Grandmother because Pat was living with her
at the time. Grandma Ashe seemed to take an immediate liking to me. Perhaps it was
because I had been raised by my Grandmother and understood older folks.  Not sure if
Grandma Ashe really liked me all that much or if she saw a way to get back to living by
herself. Another coincident…..she lived in the Heights where my Dad, Mother, and I
lived when I was 8 months old, in fact very close to the same house. Another
coincidence was observed when I learned that the big house across from Grandma
Ashe is where my dentist’s mother lived. Later I learned Pat’s best girlfriend was Jean.
Turned out I knew Jean because her cousin was a girl I had dated from Pt. Neches, in
fact Jean, her cousin, and I had all been out together several times. Is it a Small world or
what? I proposed on a Wednesday and we were married on the following Sunday,
December 12, 1971. Talk about whirlwind, we had to get our rings, our blood tests and
Marriage License (another coincidence. The lady at the courthouse where I got the
license used to live in Malakoff). More last minute things, Pat had to get a wedding
dress and bride’s maid dress. I met her Dad, Mother, and Sisters for the first time on
Friday night and asked for her hand. We were married, December 12, 1971 by her
minister, Charlie Ryne, at Stude Revival Center in the Heights. (Another coincidence:
my friend, Chris Drake’s Aunt once attended this church)  
Now 45 years later I thank God for Coincidences…Or…!!!)