Danny Sudduth's guest book in the Houston Chronicle

DANNY SUDDUTH Return to All Honor


All honor to his name. Danny was always the same easy going guy when I knew him at Lamar. He was always polite, always smiling, never complaining. Just an all round good guy. Danny you will be missed, but you will live in our hearts forever. Thank you God for giving us Danny, now he is returned to you.


Don Henderson Epsilon Chi '62

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From Bill Worsham

September 23, 2011, 1610 cst
Good afternoon Brothers,
Bob Morgan just called to report that our beloved brother Danny Sudduth passed away last evening.  Bob had celebrated Danny's birthday with him and his family last night.  They all had a grand time.  He was found by one of his sons this morning when he did not report to work.  Bob said that arrangements are pending but he thought that the services would be held the latter part of next week.
in hoc,
Bill Worsham, Epsilon Chi '65 

From Art LeCoq

Veeg :
As I told U when U called me about 4pm today, I was at the car wash having Tommie's car washed & detailed.
She had just driven in from League City where she had been sitting w/ the grandkids for a few days and had at least 5,000 black bugs on the front of her car ------
When you told me about Danny, I was speechless for a minute  ! ! !
As we discussed & U will recall, Danny, Donnie G. and I went into the US ARMY (Jan '60) together with 18 other guys from this area.  We were very close ! ! ! - so close that when we got out and came home, Danny served in my wedding & Donnie was my best man ! ! ! 
I'm gonna call Bobby tomorrow & see if he has any more details --  right now I just can't talk about Dan any more ---------------------------------------
All Honor to the Name of my buddy ! ! ! ! !    Look as hard as U want to, but U won't find another one like
Danny -------------------------
ArtLecoq (Charter '61)

Roy Goodwin

Art, I, too, am shocked and saddened by the loss of Brother Danny. Seems like yesterday when we had those great poker games at my house on 7th Street. You always referred to him as "Ol' Chocolate Cake" because that was his favorite. We will miss him greatly. All honor to his name. 
Looking forward to the Reunion next month. Roy

Art LeCoq

Bro Roy -
Thanks for the note !
I do remember those poker games -- BIG MONEY ---  We all thought $20 was all the money in the world - a 'lil Vegas on 'ol 7thSt  ! ! !
I had forgotten about "Ol Chocolate Cake",  but I forget about things from last week ! ! !  DUH ! ! !hen we went in the Army, Donnie and I kinda looked after Danny 'cause he was a few years younger than we were, we could tease him,
but we didn't let any of those other dudes dare mess w/ Dan  --- he was just a special kid then, and grew up to be a very special man ! ! !
Bro Art
PS Did ya see the really heartfelt & nice note from Bro Dennis ---- Great thoughts from all ! ! !  --- We loved the guy - Period ! ! !
     I guess Jesus just got Dan's room ready in his Father's mansion a little early, and as it is written in John 14:1-7, he prepared his
     place and came back and brought Dan unto Himself ---  I just had a crazy thought; maybe our Lord said to Dan - "What's that White
     Cross you are wearing on your shirt, oh never mind, I already know what it is and what it represents --- Come with me, Dan, I want you to     meet my Father, through me --------------------------
Grace and Peace through all eternity, Brother Danny -------------------


Dennis Hollander

Art, I know how you feel. I too have lost so many close friends over the past few years that I am still in a state of denial that they could all be gone in such a short period of time. When Gene Davis passed away suddenly in his sleep last September it hit me very hard when Ben Beauchamp called to give me the sad news. Gene and I were roommates all through college and he was my pledge brother & best man at the wedding to my first wife. Danny shared a dorm room with Gene and me during the first semester of my Junior year at Lamar in the fall of 1963. He was a special guy who always made you feel good to be around him. With him celebrating his birthday last night with friends, brothers and family it just shows once again how any of us can depart this world at any time with no warning. I hope and pray that we have a large turn out of our Epsilon Chi brothers at the reunion next month. None of us know if we will ever have the opportunity to see, visit and reminisce with one another again in this life. The years are beginning to take its toll on so many of us. We all shared a special time in our lives when we were young, strong, dedicated and full of the anticipation and dreams of what the future would bring. None of us will ever have such friends again where we shared the Bonds of Brotherhood that Sigma Chi brought to all of us. May the White Cross of Sigma Chi always shine upon our dear brother Danny Sudduth and all our other brothers who he has joined in the Chapter Eternal forever. Looking forward to seeing you and so many others once again at our 50 Year Reunion of the chartering of the Epsilon Chi Chapter of our beloved Sigma Chi.

In Hoc Signo Vinces,

Dennis Hollander - Class of '65

Amen to this, Brother Dennis!!

Ben Morris

Dear Brothers:
I did not reply to Dennis' message about Brother Sudduth, but I'd like to say now that I was very moved by it.
I'd also like to say how gratified I am by the genuine and bold statements made by Brothers like Art, VJ, and Dennis about their faith and trust in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.  I don't intend to preach here, but I will say that with our remaining days in this earthly journey growing fewer and fewer, we can best honor the memories of our departed Brothers by keeping our priorities in order and by keeping our eyes on the Author and Finisher of our faith.  He indeed has prepared a place in His Father's mansion for any and all who wish to come by virtue of His atoning sacrifice on the most important cross ever constructed.
I hope that all of you who can make it will have a fantastic and meaningful reunion together.  My visa situatiion does not permit me to leave Russia (where I teach English as a second language) until right at Christmas time.  (I'll have to miss my 35-year high school class reunion in late October for the same reason.)  My thoughts and best wishes will be with all of you.  I love Sigma Chi!
May our Heavenly Father bless all of your, especially those of you who are in mourning over the recent deaths of dear Epsilon Chi chapter-mates.
In hoc,
Ben Morris, EX '82