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Thursday, June 25, 2009 11:42 AM




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Thanks for your opinion. 

Quite frankly, this is not about religious beliefs & I could care less what they are as I am certain you could care less about mine. There are over 2000 religions in the United States today, each with their own views & each claims to be the right one. Obviously they can't all be right. You can only hope that yours is right but only God knows definitely. I'm sure there are Atheists that want it destroyed as well. This is not the argument. 

No, this is simply about our rights as tax payers to have the final say about how our property is managed in MISD. This involves more than you people & the board. This is about the rights of the tax payers in the entire district, from Tool to Payne Springs to decide what happens.

This involves the city,the district & the county as it affects all of them. 
That building is no more a hazard to your child than it was when you attended. If it is, then prove it with FACTS & not fear & innuendo. 

Moving it, though possible, is simply ridiculous, especially within the time frame given. The real problem is you people do not want to negotiate & compromise for the benefit of everyone. If you really wanted it moved, you would help try to raise the funds but you simply want to dictate,through 4 individuals what you believe & everyone else is wrong. This is the basis of all religions. Jesus would be ashamed of most Christians today as his teachings have been twisted & distorted for the benefit of their brand of religion.

The real problem is that you people have nothing constructive to add to help bring a realistic, workable solution for the betterment of your community.Your 2 arguments are weak & are not based on any facts. 

This has been the case from day 1.

How are you going to answer your child when he/she asks one day why such a wonderful building was destroyed. Imagine what it would be like to have the Red Waller Library, a historical museum where the Malakoff Man & other artifacts of Malakoffs coal mining & brick industry could be displayed along with a creative/performing arts center next door where teachers could walk their class to instead of having to climb on a school bus?

Not to mention the jobs that would be created during renovation & subsequent operation of the building. 

How much of Malakoffs history do you know?  

As far as safety, I'd rather see those students seek shelter in that solid rock building than in that tin building that will be a twisted pile of rubble in case of severe storm or other catastrophe.

We all need to work together to bring about a realistic, workable solution for the benefit of the entire community.

Have a glorious day!

Best regards,

Ricky L. Armstrong 

On Jun 24, 2009, at 21:37, Lance And kourtney perkins 

My name is Kourtney Perkins and I am a current parent of a Malakoff Elementary Student  I believe everyone can have there own opinions, but we do not live in the past. This isn't a matter of being a christian or not. If you are a believer the bible simply tells us not to dwell on the past. I currently have a first grade student at Malakoff Elementary and I too went to this school as a younger child.  I believe in the welfare of my child over nostalgia. I would like to see the building moved and preserved at a different location further away from elementary kids. I feel some people may view this differently if they had children currently in the school. Simply, my opinion.


this is my response after reading Rick's e-mail, I realize we have someone that is willing to work to help Malakoff, it's been a while.

THANK YOU RICKY ARMSTRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK.. we have been reading about this rock school issue... my first response was to feel that each person voted what they thought best. well, Ricky Armstrong has posed some of the best reasons i can think of to let it become something positive and advantageous for Malakoff. Let's roll up out sleeves and help! Think of the cost to build a facility this large (and beautiful with a little TLC)

I have been very guilty throughout the years for watching things happen and then complaining about it. This issue should not split our town, but bring our community closer together. Theatre and Arts& Library would be an excellent idea. And that has a way of generating revenue as well as an area of this building could be set up for other events to be held here. As far as the worry about all the horrible people they are afraid of getting near our children, uh? How many of us (CHRISTIANS) have made a effort to stop on the streets of Malakoff and tried to witness or help  these misguided people that need to hear
God's word instead of just trying to build a fence to keep them at bay.? I haven't tried to help them in any way .Have you people that are so concerned about what's right tried to offer them a hand up? I didn't think so. I do not want this " School Of Rock " catchy uh? to go to waste. My sleeves are rolled up, it's time to unite this community, this could be the tool to do it....I'm ready. Tell me what to do....!!!!! 


Date: Thursday, June 18, 2009, 10:13 PM

Had it not been for me having to be out of town for my uncle's funeral, I would have been at the board meeting. Since I was not able to attend, I have relied on information from those that were in attendance.
I have received numerous emails from those that want to tear the old rock school down yet not one of them can provide a compelling, logical argument as to why. One respondent simply said, "the rock building has to go. Tear it down". Now that's convincing & it almost made me change my mind. Ha! Ha!

They keep harping about student safety & they are looking out for the best interest of the students. BS! If they needed to expand the elementary or the building was going to fall on somebody or was full of noxious chemicals or was adversely impacting the district, that would be one thing but they have conjured up fear mongering tactics by trying to make it sound like a bunch of druggies, prostitutes and sexual deviants will be lurking around the rock building. It's a crock but that's how a few people are able to control many peoples way of thinking & influence them to vote their way.
But rather than consider what could be done with the building, they only see the destruction of it as the only alternative.
If they truly had the students interest at heart, they would be considering turning it into a venue from which the students could actually use and gain benefit from. The question is what harm is that building creating for the students, the school district or the city?

Many small towns are trying to preserve what is left of their history & are converting the old schools into museums, libraries & cultural centers for the community. There could be art classes, dance classes, music classes & a multitude of cultural experiences that would benefit the students & the community.
Hubbard has converted their old school, which was built during the same era as Malakoff's & has opened the town's museum in it.
Franklin is in the process of renovating the old Carnegie Library into a visitors center. Hearne is in the process of renovating their old railroad depot. These are just a few examples but it's happening all over including Mineola, Gladewater, Ben Wheeler and many other places.
If they were truly interested in the welfare of the students, they would see the building as an opportunity rather than a nuisance.

Today, there is nothing in Malakoff to get people to stop and visit the town, albeit a few convenience stores & a couple of fast food joints. There are 10 or so antique & resale shops downtown & 2 or 3 of us along Royall Blvd but we are struggling due to lack of customers (tourists) & the high cost of doing business in this town. We chose to do business here because we believed in the potential but with no promotion & nothing to draw people to town, we may not be here long. The result of this would create more tax burden on property owners due to falling sales tax revenues due to our businesses closing.
No one knows that there is anything in Malakoff other than what is on Hwy 31 & most of it ain't pretty. And  there is certainly nothing for a child to do in this town.

The Rock School is the only building left in town, with the exception of the Bartlett house, the ice house and a couple of homes, that has a tie to Malakoff's rich history of  the coal mining & brick industry. It is the only attraction left that has the potential to draw in people driving through town & actually get them to stop at some place other than Mickey D's, Sonic or the Exxon to buy beer.

It would look great to have that building featured on the brochures that the Chamber of Commerce wants to put out in the state's visitor centers & roadside parks to promote Malakoff as a destination to bring in more sales tax revenue. By the way, the city council is against this & one council member suggested printing the brochures but keep them here. Who would see them? This is the type of mentality ( or lack thereof) that we are dealing with here.
Maybe if we had more sales tax revenue, perhaps our school property tax bill might go down. Wishful thinking.

There was recently an old historic house across from the Happy Days Shell that burned recently. I thought surely someone would restore this house to it's former self. But then it was gone, demolished. Do you know what is going up in it's place? A drive through beer barn.
So it appears the decision of the city leaders is to let the historic places be fodder for the wrecking ball & let the town be consumed by beer retailers, fast food joints & dollar stores.

The school board meeting Monday night was a farce from the get go. It was simply staged performance for the benefit of a few. The most vocal of the group that want it destroyed appeared to be the pastor & some members of the largest church in town. For some reason, they want it torn down. Why? Do they need more parking? The ones that spoke in favor of destroying it  just seemed to be parroting what they were saying.
The decision to destroy the rock school had been made long ago & the board knew when it placed unrealistic stipulations that nobody could have met within the time alloted. You can't raise money for something you don't own. Projects like these are long term & take much time & money to implement. The Historic Society was never given a fair chance at success.

So what's the bottom line you ask? There are some actions that can be taken but it will take a concerted effort by everyone of you that cares about this town & are against this injustice.
First of all, if you own property within MISD, you should have a say in what happens to the building, whether you still live here or not. If you pay property taxes to MISD, you should have the last say, not 4 individuals.
Secondly, we should try to force a referendum for a vote by ALL MISD tax payers, not just those that live in Star
Harbor or Cross Roads  & were able to attend the board meeting.. If all else fails, then we should call for a recall election of the school board. Finally, I suggest that we get the TV & newspapers in DFW, Austin & Tyler aware of what's going on.

To those of you that have been in on these emails & don't have an interest in this topic, I apologize for taking up your time.
To those of you that disagree with these views, that is your prerogative & I  support your right to express your opinion & I am glad to hear it, provided it is based on common sense & facts & not fear fueled speculation.
To those of you that agree that the Old
Rock School needs to be saved, we need your support in this endeavor in order to succeed.


Thank you.
Ricky L. Armstrong

Save The Old Rock School!