The above link is a So Long to my cousin, James Henderson. I think he was born in about
1953, which means he was  63. James died last Friday, June 17 after being diagnosed with
cancer only a short time before. The above picture was taken at our Roberts Reunion in
2014. Though over the past ten years, I have had numerous telephone conversations with
James, this picture indicates the time that was the first  I had seen him since he came to
our house when he was living in Channelview in 90's. We were all delighted that he came
to the reunion. James was always very gregarious, even as a child. In the 50's his family
would visit us at special times of the year, like Thanksgiving or Christmas. It was a treat for
me to visit with his Mom and Dad, he and his brother and sister. James was just a little kid
at this time. The next time I saw him was at his brother's wedding, probably in the late 60's.
Speed ahead (how time flies) to 1978, the next time I saw James was at his Mother's
funeral and again a short time later when his Dad died. The more recent visits were via
phone calls------------------------> Go to this link for my
conversations with James