May 2009

Thanks Uncle Don for sharing. I remember the wedding.

Aunt Vivien was so beautiful. I don’t think I had ever seen such a beautiful woman in my life. She was like a Fairy Tale Princess and Glenda the Good witch from the Wizard of Oz, all wrapped up in one.  

The wedding was very beautiful and I remember it being like I was in a fairytale or a dream of all of these beautiful things.  

As I recall Johnny, Jan and I were in the wedding. I also remember standing behind Aunt Vivien before the wedding as we were assembling for her to make the entrance. I think I was only 4 years old. Her dress was so beautiful and it had these gorgeous satin roses at the back of her waist which was eye level for us at that age.  

I remember looking at Jan (without saying anything but knowing that what I was about to do was a “no-no”) and then reached out to touch the roses. They were so smooth and luxurious. I had never touched anything so beautiful before. I think Jan also did it too. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized that I wasn’t in a fairy tale but that everything was very real.  

Funny what you remember from your childhood. That moment has stayed with me forever. In fact, every time I see The Wizard of Oz I think of Aunt Vivien and her wedding day.