May 31, 1939-July 17, 2014
Put together in loving memory by Don Henderson
This is a link to the brochure from Judy's memorial service, held At the Crossroads Baptist
Church, July 22, 2014. What a beautiful ceremony !!! May God surround Judy's family and friends
with love and understanding at this time.
The above two pictures are the way I remember Judy, as do many of her friends from MHS. We in
Malakoff were blessed by our gift from God in the summer of 1953. The tragedy that happened in
Cross Roads, turned out to be our blessing. The Cross Roads High School burned and that left
the Cross Roads students with a choice of Athens or Malakoff Schools. Thank, God, Judy chose
Malakoff, where she soon excelled in basketball  
You Tube Video Of 55-56 and 56-57 Basketball
and other sports, as well as academics.  It was the basketball season of 1956-57 that I remember
best. Judy and our team won district, bi-district and then played for regional, almost winning that.
The other memory was our senior play in which we had a blast putting on
Another Crossroads/Malakoff student, Kenneth Carter sent out the notice of Judy's passing. As
soon as I received the notice, I knew that I wanted to attend her memorial. Judy had not only
been a good friend in high school but also in later years. She was the one who got our 1st  
reunion together and held it at her home in Malakoff. My Mother and stepfather had moved back
to Malakoff and when my wife and I went to visit them, we usually stopped by to say hello to Judy.
Over the years we were able to keep up with her and knew that recently she was not in good
health. I had spoken to Donna Drake Farmer and knew via Email that Judy had a couple of falls,
but I did not know that she was as sick as she was. In 2007 we had our 50 year reunion and it
was our hopes that Judy would be there, but alas she could not. Bob and Donna were present,
for which we were grateful. Of course, Bob Farmer was our senior sponsor as well as the head
boys and girls basketball coach. He also was our play sponsor. Never realized at the time how
busy he was. Thank you Bob!!
On the day of the memorial, my cousin Jill and I went to the Malakoff Museum, which I had never
seen before. To my surprise Pat Isaacson brought out a trophy to show us. Lo and behold it was
the trophy won by our 1956-1957 Tigerettes, which Judy was a prime member. The trophy was
destined to be destroyed by then Superintendent of Malakoff schools because he was getting rid
of extra STUFF he said. Thank you Pat for rescuing this valued trophy!! And Thanks to Ken
Andrews for all he had done for Malakoff. Without Ken, there would be no Museum! If you have
not seen the museum, you owe it to yourself to go. Pat Isaacson has done a great job of
managing and displaying otherwise lost memorabilia.
1956-1957 Tigerette
participation trophy
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"You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you
never know how soon it will be too late."
"But of that day and that hour knoweth no man...Take ye
heed, watch and pray: for ye know not when the time is."
Mark 13:32-33