It is with much sadness that we announce the
death of Justin Farrell. Justin has been on the
missing persons list since 2004 and though we
feared the worst, we held out hope that perhaps he
had gone into hiding and would resurface. His
body was found in March of this year (2015) but
his Houston kin only learned of this last
week(Wednesday, June 10, 2015) We thank our
cousin, Jill, who called to ask if we knew, and of
course we did not. We knew he was missing, but
not found. We pray that the family will be able to
find closure.
Justin's Remains are found
In the late 1960's Cindy and Sam were married in the
Malakoff Methodist Church with the Methodist minister and
Sam's Grandfather officiating. I remember the Methodist
minister read his part, while Sam's Grandfather, at age about
80, had his memorized. In 1971, I went on a date with my
future wife and doubled with Sam and Cindy. Sam was my
best man in our wedding in Dec of '71. Justin was born,
December 14, 1972 and our first, August 28, 1973. During
the early '70's we were very close. Sam, Cindy and Justin
visited with us and we with them. It was Christmas of 1972
that I remember the most because we all met for Christmas
at Sam and Cindy's apartment.
JUNE 17, 2015
This was Justin's first Christmas at Sam and Cindy's in 1972.
Cindy, Bob Rainey, Jo Ruth Rainey, Martha
Aunt Martha, Bob Rainey holding his
Grandson, Justin Farrell
Cindy and Justin at Justin's first
Aunt Martha and Jo Ruth, Cindy
Two proud Grandmothers at Grand son's
first Christmas
Aunt Martha, Pat, Cindy's sister at Christmas
party, 1973
Trina with her Christmas outfit and her
Poodle, Sam and Cindy's 1972
Pat and Don's wedding reception
in 1971. Cindy outside talking to
our relatives. Sam was the Best
man in our wedding.
A baby book given to our youngest,
Blake, who was born in 1976. Perhaps
since it did not say from Cindy and Sam
they must have already separated.
Grandpa Frank,
Grandpa Bob and Uncle
Don with son, Shawn and cousin
Justin Kyle Farrell in about '74 or