Ode to the Last Leaf Left
By Don Henderson Jan 21, 2010
(After the passing of John Farrell)

Last Leaf Left
Looking Lonesome
All have fallen
One by one
Until there was only one

A family of leaves formed foliage full
Now only one remained, rightly set
One left, for what purpose it?
Lord has a leafy loft
For the one left
It looks so lonesome there
As I stare

It was left behind to watch over
The Family Tree
And keep her roots.
All the others have gone,
Grasping for a resting place
Long after green gone, life left leaf alone
Acorns have fallen
What a Re-Leaf!!

I ask, “Why did you Leaf Us Alone”?
I know you have a reason
Soon shall it Spring Season be
New Leaves, lavishly leaf-out
Spring shall surely come forth,
You are not leafed alone

As I stare into the branches and
Anticipate when that lonesome leaf
Might fall, I continue to realize that
There will be new leaves, new branches
And new limbs

And really, we all are connected with The
Tree of life
Whose roots reach deep and
Far beyond our human sight
May our Family know that Our Family Tree
And all our connections will be returned to
dirt and
Again will rise as new

New life, new branch, New Tree
Thank you God
For our family

*Note: This ode was inspired by John’s
passing. I went out to our front yard and
saw a single leaf still left hanging there
and it reminded me of family and how they
have all passed one by one until there are
only a few members of the original family
John Farrell
Feb 14, 1944-Jan 21, 2010