April 2009

Dear 1959 Port Neches graduates,                            

     Although I never attended PNG, I feel extremely close to all of you. It is with great Indian pride that I extend
my heartiest congratulations as you celebrate your fiftieth anniversary.  My sister, Vivien Leigh Powers Ingram
will be with you in spirit and shall remain with all of us as a part of our own personal memories of her.
    Enclosed you will find a small portion of her PNG collection of memories. In 1959, Vivien was a member of
the yearbook staff and as everything she did, she did with a passion. There is so much more that I could have
added, but to approach all she did would fill volumes in the short time that God gave her to us.
    October 14, 1967 Vivien, her husband, Billy Mack Ingram and our Mother, Gladys Powers were traveling
from Malakoff to Corsicana where Mack was scouting a football game. The resulting head-on wreck killed Viv
and her unborn outright. Mack was taken to Waco with a head injury and died two days later. Our Mother was
taken to the Corsicana hospital in critical condition. Vivien, being pregnant, was not wearing a seat belt. Mack
would not wear one either, because Viv did not. The only thing that saved Mother was her seat belt and the
grace of God. Mother lived another 28 years.       
    As I reflect on all that my sister did in her short period on this earth, it amazes me. Here are a few
•PNG Yearbook
•High School band and twirler
•Rainbow Girls (Grand Worth Advisor for the state of Texas)
•PNG plays
•Honor roll elementary through high school
•College (Lamar) Twirler and band
•Kappa Delta Sorority , president
•Lamar Newspaper staff
•Who’s who
•Lamar Thespians  
•Member of Lamar debate team that competed and won in a TV debate
•Married July 4, 1964 to my best friend, Mack Ingram
•Graduate of Lamar
•Teacher Garland, Texas, Drama, Speech, English, Debate coach
•Teacher Richardson, Texas Drama/Speech

These are just a few of Vivien’s accomplishments that I remember. Those of you who knew her know  
that she was “one of a kind”. I can testify that everything that Vivien did; she did with pride and devotion. Vivien
was very organized and good at being a leader, yet she was willing to be a simple worker if she needed to. I am
not ashamed to be a braggart. My sister, Vivien Powers, was a hero and deserved all honors that she received.
God had a mission for Vivien and she accomplished it in this life. All of my early memories of Pt. Neches began
back in the late 1940’s. After my Dad was killed in a car accident in 1939, I began living in Malakoff, Texas,
with my Grandparents. My Mother married Paul Powers and they soon were living in the Golden Triangle. Vivien
was born in 1941 and I began traveling every summer to Pt.Neches. This is where I first learned about that great
PNG school pride. I remember our trips to McFadden beach and having the only tree at 1121 McArthur St.
where all of the kids gathered in the Powers front yard. In 1958 I enrolled at Lamar and Vivien and I commuted
together after she graduated from high school. What a blessing that turned out to be. Vivien continued her
involvement in every college extracurricular that she could and was good at it.
    May your graduation reunion be filled with great memories and may God bless each of you in a special way. I
remain an Indian at heart.

Don Henderson

Spring, Texas