While  going through some Mother's things (which she always saved everything) I found a
letter with Mother's handwriting which read, "last letter from our darling" I had found this
before but could not bring myself to read the entire text. This letter, written almost 50 years
ago, got me to wondering what she was writing about and the events preceding their deaths.
The following is a group of letters written by Vivien to Mother and Paul right after the wedding
and just prior to their fatal wreck. She wrote in her own handwriting and she also typed. She
was always critical of "self" and didn't think her handwriting was good enough, so, she typed.
She had a beautiful handwriting and very readable. There are also some early letters written
before she met Mac. By the way, I introduced them and as you read the letters you will see
that they were very happy together. The happiness is shown immediately following the
wedding and also when she was expecting. The two would have been great parents.
NOTE: After reading the letters, I have some corrections or additions to make. Billy Mac was
coaching at a Junior High in Richardson, Texas and I believe Vivien was a Speech/English
teacher in Richardson High School. Previously I noted that Billy Mac was undefeated as a
coach. This is true. He coached the JV in Forney the previous season and went 10-0 and his
record as the Richardson 7th grade coach was 7-0 and unscored on. The night of the fatal
wreck he, Vivien, and Mother were on their way to watch a football game in Corsicana. The
purpose was to watch a brother of good Rainbow friend of Vivien's. Mother road in the back
seat and only by the Grace of God was she spared. As I have written before, Mother was the
only one with a seat belt  on because Vivien could not wear one with her pregnancy and Mac
refused to wear one in support  of Vivien and the baby. Judging from the pictures of the
wreck, it probably would not have mattered.
Below you will find the letters that Vivien wrote to Mother and Paul, pretty much in sequence
and with dates. The wedding was July 4, 1964 and right after they lived in an apartment in
Athens. The next year that a letter appears was 1967 and by this time Mac had graduated
from East Texas State and was coaching in Forney, while Vivien taught in Garland. In 1967
they both took jobs in Richardson and were buying a house there. Some of this is coming
back to me but not all.  

      Note: Vivien had written Mother and asked her to meet her and
      Mac in Malakoff  the weekend of October 13-14. Mother had first said that was
      her anniversary and she and Paul were going to do something together. She
      later relented and decided to meet them after all. She later told me that it was
      meant for her to be there. It was the last time she would ever see them. She
      was unable to attend the funeral because was still in the hospital in critical