Yesterday 3/11/2019, my wife and I attended a moving military funeral for my Friend,
Eddie Nokes. Pat and I spent the night in Ennis so we would have ample time to find the
location, The National Cemetery in Dallas/Ft. Worth. I had planned to take pictures, but
when the ceremony began, it was obvious to me that taking pictures would be
undignified for this solemn occasion. We were in line by the designated time of 9:45 am,
lined up in our car, along with a large company of friends and relatives there to
celebrate Eddie’s life and interment. The service was indeed a touching military final
tribute for Eddie. Two young Marines held a folded U. S. flag and with regimented steps
unfolded it and stretched it out, displaying for all. I probably have the sequence wrong,
but the next thing I remember is the beautiful version of taps being played by another
Marine. Next the two marines with great dignity and honor of the flag re-folded it, step by
step into the original triangular shape. Everything was done with dignity and reference
and finally after exact military preciseness, the folded flag was awarded to Eddie’s wife
Velma. Next, one of Eddie former ministers from Sherman, Texas said a few words,
describing how he on several occasions walked to a Baseball field in Sherman and
joined Eddie to watch a baseball game. He described Eddie as being the ultimate
announcer of the game, indicating what was going happen before it happened and
describing every detail in advance.  He concluded with Jesus’s words in John 4:1-3:
“Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s
house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a
place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye
may be also.” A very moving ceremony for a deserving Marine.

Dedicated to My Lifelong Friend, Eddie Nokes
And to all the great memories we shared as Southside members
Remembering my good friend Royce Shelton for
“Another fine mess you got me into”
The above words are taken from:
“My W.C. Fields: My Walnut Creek and the Southside Gang”

My W. C. Fields on Amazon

The following is a poem written when Billy Joe Robertson left this life and now it is for Eddie
The following poem was written after one of the Southside members; Billy Joe (Toothpick) Robertson
left this Realm. Because Malakoff was a small community, we knew everyone and it was much like having an
entire town made up of kin folks.
Now that Eddie’s Earthly remains are put into the ground, again I share these words because
Eddie was a large part of our tree.

By Don Henderson 5/22/14
When someone leaves this Realm,
Having been set free,
It always makes me think of
Our life as a tree.
A tree, having many branches;
Each a person whom life we shared
A tree, alive with many
Branches undercover,
All intertwined

In one way or the other
I see the Tree of
The Malakoff Family
And her Branching History
Remembering that we
All were once little sprouts,
Leaflets you see,
But all connected
All part of that Family Tree
For some, sadness came early;
Their leaves and branches Fell free, unable to
Continue this life’s Journey
As our tree grew older,
Many limbs; fragile hung
We began to realize
More to be lost,
Was yet to come.
Because this
Malakoff Tree Lives
Each Limb Lost,
Hurts us all
Knowing not
The next to fall

Our Family tree will Continue
On this Earthly Land.
Each branch precariously clinging
Knowing Destiny ultimately
Lies in God’s hand
But, we know, As long as we are
Rooted in his love,
Though a branch is lost to us
God gathers them   
For his forest above