The tops that once we played with as kids
Spun out of control in little circles, up for hits
And of course we’d plug ‘Em mighty fast
Those left standing,
how did they last?

Big ones, little ones, old ones, new ones, every
size shape and spin,
Were clobbered, agin and agin.
How did you spin yours? Was it upright or upside
Or did you just spin it
whatever way you wound?

What fun as a kid to spin one’s top,
Escaping that circle or being a flop.
Hours we spent, spinning those things
I’ll bet you remember those tops
and little dirt-rings

Sometimes at “Activity” period in school, out by
the gym
We were driven to knock our buddy’s top on the
Spin your top, see if you could last
Everyone else tried to nail your top, and fast

My poor little top has been injured sore,
But it’s still kept spinning round some more.
Four more
tried to strike it without luck
It wiggled and waggled and was struck,
But stayed to spin again;
this sitting duck.

Oh little top how hard to learn your spin it took,
Hours of winding string and chores and study
Wind and spin a flop would go,
Could not get that little top to show.

Then one day,
Eddie’s top was spun,
I knocked that sucker out of the circle
in round one.
That top was mine to keep,
Those were the rules, my heart did leap!!
Finally I spun that top with one right spin!!
Oh, boy I knocked that top right out of the pen!!

Would those spins of our little Tops,
Never stop.
Would that our Top would never flop.
But if it does, in time,
Flop, flop, HIS, HIS,
Oh what a relief it is,
his, his
not mine!!
By Don Henderson
aluting the Memory of Eddie Nokes