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John Joseph Farrell passed from this life, January 21, 2010.
Dedication to John Farrell   <------------------------------

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For the last week I had been thinking of re-posting a dedication to him. I really thought he
died today, Jan 22; but after looking at my own website, I know it was yesterday. I was not
sad yesterday, but I am today (thinking today was the day he passed). So, today I am
going to remember some fun days with John. I will put aside the sadness that prevails  and
laugh, because that is what he would have done.

In the summer of 1971 we decided (on the spur of the moment) to go to Mexico City. It was
a 4 or 5 hour bus ride out of Nueva Laredo, through the mountains In Mexico City we
stayed at a place called The Zone Rosa for an outrageous price of $4.50 per night for both
of us. We were within walking distance of the Metro train, which we took to visit,
Chupulteapec Park, the museum and The Shrine of Guadalupe. Two single guys just
having fun. Mexican food in Mexico City (at least in ’71) was not Tex Mex, but good.
Though things were cheap, we didn’t have much to spend. After being there 3 days, we
had spent most of our money and, though we had a return bus ticket, I think I had less than
$1. I thought we could get money through their banking system, but no. We even went to
the American Consulate, hoping they would cash a check.  I won’t say they laughed at us,
but there were some snickers and sneers. Our bus was not scheduled to leave before the
afternoon and with no food or money, we were up the proverbial creek without…….One of
the reasons I thought of this today is because Pat made Chicken soup last night and it
reminded me of Mexico City. There John and I were stuck in a foreign country with no
vittles and little moola.  We were somewhere downtown Mexico City, feeling hungry, when
John suggested we go where the peons were. So, there we sat in the open Mexico City air,
eating with the other peons. What gourmet does one order in such circumstances? As one
man next to me and one the other side of John hungrily shoveled in what looked like dish
water, we ordered.  “Whatever he has!!”, pointing at the bowl next to me. We figured from
their looks and dress; it wouldn’t break us (well maybe) It did almost break me (as John had
a grand total of 0) and this Gourmet dish cost a total of 30 cents. Here the recipe the cook
used: “Boil water”, “Take a cooked chicken, tie a string on it, suspend the chicken in the
boiling water for no more than 15 seconds, jerk it out and serve it to Dos Gringos!!” So,
today, as I ate my wife’s delicious chicken soup, I thought of our adventure. The bus
stopped at a bus stop in Monterrey; where the passengers were given time to grab a quick
bite. All these two Gringos had money for was a cup of coffee each. Under ordinary
conditions, I drink my coffee Negro, but, though the coffee cost us 5 cents each, the sugar
was free and we needed the extra energy so John and I poured AMPLE amount of sugar in
our coffee.
Thank God we made it back to the good old USA in one piece.
As John would say, upon relieving himself, “
Water Relief”!!
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