June 6, 2017
How many times have we all taken our Family Tree booklets
prepared by Julia and either just put it away or, only looked at the
information directly pertaining to our immediate family? For
example: My interest always turned to looking up my Mother’s
(Gladys Rogers Henderson Powers) immediate genealogy, starting
with my Granddaddy Tom Rogers. In the past I have known that we
are kin to the Robertsons and the Scotts, but I have always been
just a little or perhaps, more than a little confused. Recently I
decided to pick up my Family Booklet and actually study how we
are all kin. I found some surprising facts. Because of Julia
Robertson’s dedicated work we have information that she gathered
about my Great Great Grandfather, James Knox Rogers. Here is
where I find the first Scott connection. When James Knox came to
Texas he married Tiabiatha Scott, daughter of Oliver Scott. So
Tiabiatha Scott became my step Great Great Grandmother. Great
Great Grandpa Knox was married to a Margaret ? and they had
three offspring, one of which was Walter Brooks Rogers, my Great
Grandfather. Now here’s where it gets interesting: My Great
Grandfather Walter Brooks Rogers married Malinda Scott, who
was a daughter to Oliver Scott, making her my Great Grandmother
and Oliver Scott my Great Great Grandfather. So Brooks married
Malinda who was the half-sister of Tiabiatha Scott, having the
same Father, Oliver but a different Mother. Tiabiatha’s mother was
Margaret Hannah, while Malinda’s was Ava (Avy) Shelton. So now I
find that I was connected in two ways to the Scotts. Brooks actually
married his step Mother’s half- sister. I give up…I’m my own
Then here’s the first Robertson. James Knox and Tiabiatha Scott
reared 8 children; one was Myrtle Rogers who married Thomas
Crowder Robertson. Myrtle Rogers Robertson was my great Aunt.
My first tie in with the Robertsons.
Confused yet?
Of course my Grand Daddy Tom Roger’s sister was Della, the
daughter of Walter Brooks Rogers and Malinda Scott. When Aunt
Della married Richard Daniel Robertson, the Robertsons became
my kin. I don’t know if my brain will allow me to digest anymore, so
for now I will just leave with a P.S. June 11th, this year’s reunion
date is Granddaddy Tom’s birthday, He was born June 11, 1894,