This is Ronnie at our 50th reunion
with  June Baggett Farmer

Ronnie Stockman was a real dare-devil growing up. He
and I were both on the small side, but he was slightly
bigger. He used to beat up on me regularly during
recess, but one day I decided to fight back. I still lost, but
we became good friends after this and it lasted. Ronnie
had a motor scooter and later a motor cycle. He could
have been "Fonzie" because of his dare-devil nature. On
more than one occasion he picked me up at my house
and I road on the back of his scooter. Everyone had a
nick name back then and Ronnie's was "Snake-Eyes",
something to with shooting dice I think.  Later in high
school, he and I enjoyed doing the senior play together.
Although Ronnie was never in sports, he still was very
active. I always remember that Ronnie had an older
sister who had some sort of medical problems and I
know it bothered him. I lost contact with him after
graduation, until sometime in the 80's when I called to
talk to him and found him in the Dallas area. He was
some sort of supervisor for a food store and had been in
the service. I think the Air Force. We talked at length and
I realized he was a much settled person, not nearly as
wild. Years passed before I spoke with him again, but we
did talk several times after the 50th. Sorry, Ronnie, that I
did not get you those phone #'s  and addresses of our
classmates that you wanted.
                                                   Ronnie in Senior play