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Our Dog Shadow has panic attacks in which she gets extremely hyper and pants and paces.
This happens when it begins to thunder....or, when the electricity goes off. She associates the
electricity going off with storms and thunder and she does not need to hear thunder, but the
minute the electricity even blinks, she goes into a full fledged panic attack. As has been
previously told, she came inside during Ike and we lost our back fence, she then became a
permanent inside dog because she would tear up the back door if we did not let her in, so she
has been inside ever-since.

We've tried everything to calm her down. Talking, scolding, petting, hollering, all in vain. She
panted and paced constantly, Driving us crazy. The only thing that we tried that worked was
giving her a benadryl to put her to sleep. This only worked a little, IF WE COULD GET IT DOWN
HER. Getting it down her was not easy. Tried peanut butter hiding the pill and she would either
refuse it or spit it out. Tried opening her mouth and throwing in the back of her throat and
holding her nose and mouth closed. She would spit it out.

Yesterday, Pat called to say she was buying Shadow a Thunder Coat.  A What??? A Thunder
Coat. What the heck is that??? Well, it is a coat designed to put on Shadow to prevent panic
attacks. What? I don't think that will work. How could it? Well, it's worth a try. Pat brings home this
ordinary looking dog jacket (there was a difference, it says Thunder Shirt on it) $40 bucks worth!!
The morning of 1/8/13 would be a good trial because rain is predicted. My comments, "that won't
work!!". They say she can bring it back if it doesn't. OK!! About 4:00 a.m. (our regular time to get
up) it begins to rain and shortly thereafter is the thunder. Panic and Panting!! Shadow gets her
coat and believe or not she is calmer. Still pants a little, but much less. She is now wearing her
coat and we will be tested again later today. If this works it will be a miracle. I will report back later.
                                       ACTUALLY CALLED A THUNDER SHIRT