Football at Lamar One of the really fun things we did at Lamar was going to football games.
We always set together and pulled for our teams. Lamar won more than they lost. One particular
game that I remember was when I was an alum, still single and living in Houston. I visited one weekend
and my fraternity brothers asked me to go along with a joke on pledge Bobby Jackson. They took
Bobby on a walk and gave me his date for the game. I have no idea who she was nor what she looked
like, but when Bobby made it back for the 2nd half, he found his date with me.
Float building was not only a ritual, but an art for Sigma Chi and Kappa Phi.
I remember our Hawaii theme and our pledges were sent out to get palm tree
leaves for decoration. I don't think the cops liked their explanation of why they
were taking the leaves off a tree in someone's yard in Beaumont. One year we
worked all night and were still poking crepe paper into the wire holes as we were
lining up for the parade, which originated downtown Beaumont and ended up in
the Lamar stadium. We placed 2nd.
Derby Day This was a national day for all of Sigma Chi and was great fun
with all of the sororities competing for 1st place. One of the events that I
remember was: Which girl could wear the most overalls? Another was a
tricycle race. Milking a cow into a coke bottle and Dr. MacDonald
participated in this one.
The Beach Who could ever forget our end of the year parties at the beach.
The entire Greek world of Lamar, both Sorority and Fraternity gathered at
High Island in rented beach houses to wind down for the year. One year,
Sigma Chi had a truck load of beer delivered and then wanted to order a
2nd. How many cases are on a truck?