By Don Henderson 5/6/13

Skipper was John’s dog and if Skipper wasn’t human, he was sure close. Could he
talk?......Yes!! He watched
Westerns with John and when “horsies” appeared he
would tell John about them. He loved to ride in the car with John and talk to John
about another dog he saw or perhaps a “horsie”. Skipper had a pet door provided by
John and when Skipper decided to go on an adventure, out he would go; roaming
thither and yon, because he could; he had all the room he needed and then some.
After his roam, he always came back to John. When I went to visit John, Skipper
would greet me as if I was a long lost brother; jumping up and down on me with great
excitement!! Could he talk?....Yes!!
After John had gone on, Skipper adopted Trina and continued to entertain and talk to
his newly adopted owner. Again he found his pet door, but alas, he could not roam as
before. Now he roamed only in the backyard, where he chased cats, birds or squirrels,
or maybe just made friends with them..Skipper was a friendly sort and usually wanted
to love the other animals, no matter their type. In short he loved everyone and
everything that crossed his path. Skipper on more than one occasion, would escape
out the back gate and off he would go. He didn’t have the open spaces as before, but
he had an entire neighborhood of potential “friends”. Skipper loved to “visit” new
friends and several times he had to be returned home after his visits. Usually he came
back, but more than once, he was kept by someone who wanted to help. Thank you
neighbors for loving Skipper and returning him. Skipper grew up “used to” roaming,
but as Skipper aged and his eyesight and hearing began to fail, he stayed home,
seldom roaming. Now Skipper will roam no more on this Earth. Last week Skipper
again escaped out the back gate and roamed. His old friend, God, took him in this
time. Now he is talking with God and John in a new place.
Thank you God for sharing Skipper with us for a short while before you took him
home. Farewell, Old Friend!!
Dedication to John Farrell