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Malakoff Reunion 2002
By Don Henderson
Malakoff ‘57

I fell asleep and awoke
In a trance
I scanned the room,
Hoping for a familiar face,
by chance

Who were these people?
I felt in the middle
of a dream
A room full of strangers
it would seem

The stars that night,
Were quite a sight,
Deep in this part of Texas
Twinkle, twinkle all you Stars,
Without your name tags,
I don’t know who you are

I walked around,
Searching for someone I knew.
Alas there were, but a few
Finally, a familiar voice,
Heard by me.
Immediately I looked for
Some other familiarity
That voice I knew
And he knew me,
Glance at nametags,
Quickly see

Several that I met,
Didn’t know me
But I knew them
(Their nametag, you see)

Time races forward
As we stand still
I didn’t know
We were over the hill

Conversations like this,
“There’s Eddie.
I know him
He looks like his Dad,
Not as slim.”

Or, “Look at eyes,
They’re the same”
Look carefully you’ll
Know their name.”
(Or “tag name”)

At last we remembered
Fond memories flagged.
Our spirits young
Our bodies sagged

As we look in the mirror
Day by day,
We don’t see changes

Guess we get used to
What’s there.
Or what ain’t,
If it’s, hair.

Did you.....
“Out, out brief candle…”
Now, the words
We realize

True friends
Are true Stars,
Ere, looks.
True spirits,
Aren’t mistook

We lighted candles
For those stars that fell,
Called their names and
Told their tales

Elvin spoke of the meaning of
Life and,. liberty
Eternally with

Maybe next time we’ll remember
more of you,
but at our age
We’ll probably still forget
One or two

In the meantime, at
Next year’s reunion
May we forward look
Star memories
Not to be forsook