August 13/2015
I was browsing through some of my Mother's things and found the
1940-1941 Malakoff Yearbook.  I had forgotten about their remarkable
football season. Of course many of these young men and women were soon
to have their lives greatly affected by the war. This was a happier time and
perhaps the last happy time for several years. Soon,in 1941, the war would
come and disrupt many lives. In 1940 these young men were...
Since there were only 11 grades then, I assume most were born in about 1923,or 1924
perhaps. If any are alive today, they would be in their 90's. Maybe there their children,
grandchildren or great grandchildren are alive and would appreciate them being recognized.
This must have been a "Single-Wing" formation, look at where the center is positioned.
**NOTE: This was the last yearbook made for Malakoff until 1948, which
again had a terrific football team!!
By today's standards, these weights are really low, but for that time, these were some pretty
hefty country boys!!
Football coach, Jesse E. Porter
There was no mention of the Girl's record.
Malakoff did well in Basketball, also. No
pictures were given, only this information.