Click on Santa TO READ THE 1955 TIGER RAG

This is the entire paper, just like it was December 21, 1955

Remember when we used to always celebrate Christmas at dear old Malakoff High School? Click on Santa

and read the first page of  the December 1955 Tiger Rag. Things to look for: Mr. Starkey's article about Christmas, Loretta Sims' Christmas article, winning Christmas poems by Jill Fowler and Charlotte Evans, Santa Letters, Sports.

I long for the "Old Days" when we had people like Norris Starkey who were not afraid to proclaim their faith. He is the kind of man and educator that has helped make America great!! I believe we have a few like this today and I am praying that they will show their faith and help keep America a Christian nation!!



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Merry Christmas Ya'll!!

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