served  in France WW I
My great Uncle Elmer was drafted in
1917. Elmer Roberts was the son of
Andrew and Martha Roberts. Uncle
Elmer's Grandson sent me a  picture of
Uncle Elmer in uniform, as well as a
copy of his commission as corporal.  
Also included is  a copy of his draft
notice. He was drafted in 1917 and the
note written on the draft notice was
Uncle Elmer served on the battlefield
against the Germans in France. He
once told me that he was on the
battlefield and they came and  told him
that he was ordered to clean up and
he was going on leave to Paris. He
cleaned up and dressed and was told
he would see a stage play. He was
excited until he found out that the play
was about......WAR!!
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Uncle Elmer and Aunt Mildred
Picture of Uncle Elmer in Uniform

Thanks for your service, Uncle Elmer
Uncle Elmer's Commission as Corporal. To see a pdf doc
of this Commission,
click on the picture of this commission
Online Information about Uncle Elmer's camp
Link to Camp Travis Texas Where Uncle Elmer trained with the 359th Infantry.
Camp Travis was ready for occupation, August 25, 1917 and Uncle Elmer was commissioned as Corporal, March
28th, 1918 and it was signed April 15, 1918. (Tax Day??) by W.A. Cavanaugh, Lt Colonel After this is when he
served in France. Uncle Elmer’s Grandson sent me a copy of his commission as corporal. Some interesting facts
that are seen in this special commission are:
  • Uncle Elmer was in the 359th Infantry of the National Army of the United States. This must have been what
    the National Guard was called back then.
  • It was signed by W.A. Cavanaugh, the fifteenth of  April in the year of our lord one thousand hundred and
    eighteen. (Showing, again that the United State used the Lord, God's name on official documents)

More Information About Camp Travis
Camp Travis

359th History
Uncle Elmer's Unit History

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