PAUL POWERS JR.
We called my brother, Bubba. Bubba joined
the Marines when he was 17 and served
with honor in Korea. I always believed
what he did and saw left him with scars
that could never be completely healed. He
was with the corp of engineers and one of
his jobs was to clear the area of mines.
Though God  protected him, he saw
several of his buddies blown up right
before his eyes.
Written on back by Bubba:
"General George Patton" Powers & his
deadly dreadnouglet- the "Beautiful
Beth". Me, & one of the tanks they are
taking out of storage & shipping over
19 March 1951
Another of my childhood heiroes.
Bubba was only 5 years older than I,
but at his 17 and my 12 we were much
farther apart in age. As we got older,
ages got closer. Bubba is still my hero.
Thank you Bubba, for serving
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