Pictured above is Paul Powers Sr., Gladys Powers, Lela Pritchett Powers, Pappy (S. L.) Pritchett, John (Big
Daddy) Powers, and Vivien Powers taken  in about 1949 in front of the Hamburger stand in Athens. Big Daddy
and Momma Powers lived across the street in an apartment. The stand was on highway 31 west, on the right
heading toward Malakoff. Momma Powers was the chief cook and Pappy Pritchett (Momma Powers' father) was
the chief bottle washer. They served hamburgers, fries, chili, French fries and were one of the original
"fast-food" establishments. This was during the time when all Texas High Schools had open campus and were
allowed to leave campus for dinner (Noon meals for all of you Yankees) The hamburger stand was full every
day. When Big Daddy and Momma Powers retired sometime in the '60's they moved back to Malakoff and lived
in the house next door to Cozette (Auntie) and Joe Barnett. The old stand became a storage building in the
back of Big Daddy's house.
Big once had a place in Malakoff next to Tanner's Garage. He sold it to Emmett and Opal Monroe and they
later had a place on main street.
Sometimes in the early days, John (Big Daddy) bought the rights to the "Calf sandwich" This is now a family
secret recipe. This sandwich was a big hit in Malakoff and Henderson County.
Big Daddy developed the original "hamburger helper" for his hamburgers. To spread the hamburger meat
farther, he mixed pieces of light bread and eggs into the hamburger meat and Momma Powers would then
make these into patties for hamburgers. Mother always said that the reason Momma Powers was all "humped
over" was because she was always bent over making hamburgers. (Could it have been osteoporosis?)
When Big Daddy's stand was in Malakoff, he served Bonnie and Clyde several times. They would pull up in
their car and order hamburgers. Big Daddy would take them their order( Was this the original "drive in"  and
Big was the original car hop?)
Gladys (my Mother) worked for John Powers when the had his hamburger stand in Malakoff, She worked there
before she married my Dad and then again after my Dad died.
Big Daddy loved to fish and so did Pappy Pritchett. Auntie would take Big fishing after he had retired. He also
enjoyed shelling peas, which he did a lot of.
Paul Powers married my Mother (Gladys Powers) in 1940 after my Father died in a car accident in 1939. God
gave me a new family, the Powers. I was blessed with a Brother, Paul (Bubba) Powers Jr. and a sister born in
1941, Vivien Leigh. Auntie Cozy became my Aunt Cozy. She was always an inspiration to all of us. Big Daddy
was called that because the was "BIG" Big Daddy and Momma Powers always treated Vivien and I with an ice
cream cone when we visited at the hamburger stand. Mother, Paul and Vivien lived in Pr. Neches, where Paul
worked for B.F. Goodrich (Later Goodrich/Gulf) rubber company. Paul worked the "Graveyard" shift (11:00
p.m. to 7:00 a.m.) and would get a "long weekend" after a week of "graveyard". This is when they traveled from
Pt. Neches to Malakoff and Athens. I lived with my grandparents, Oscar and Grace Henderson, in Malakoff.
Auntie Cozy and Joe Barnett lived in Malakoff, where Joe was the local barber and part time rancher. During
these "long weekend" visits I would get to go to The Powers' Hamburger Stand and enjoy that ice cream cone.
Understand, this was a big deal. We only got ice cream when, on occasion, we made "homemade" ice cream or
"snow ice cream" when it snowed. Of course now days, we all have our "Blue Bell" any time we want it. Not to
mention, there is lead in snow.
On one of these visits we went to a basketball game in Malakoff and saw Joe Barnett Jr. play. He was a senior
in 1947, so this could have been the year that we saw him play. After the game, Viv had too much "junk" at the
game (peanuts I think) and she got sick. I spent the night at Auntie's and wet her bed. (Yes I was about 7 or 8
and I was a "bed-wetter" Don't remember staying there again. Could there be a connection (wet bed)?
The Powers' Family History
By Don Henderson
Inside Powers' Hamburger
Big Daddy, Momma
Powers, Auntie  
Cozette     July 1951
Paul Sr., Gladys, Momma Powers,
Pappy (Sebe) Pritchett, Big Daddy,
Vivien; July 1949
Pappy (Sebe) Pritchett,
Momma Powers, Big Daddy
Hwy 31, Athens
Pappy "Sebe" Pritchett O.B.
Paul Jr. Powers, Johnny Kent Powers,
Paul Sr. Powers, Lela Pritchett Powers,
S. L. (Pappy Pritchett).

          Paul Senior and Vivien beside a
Powers' Hamburger Stand found out of
state while on vacation
Another Powers' Hamburger Stand out of State
Jimmie Meadows, Pappy's Pritchett's
sister in law,
sister to Grandma
Pritchett (Alice Atwood) (Pappy
Pritchett's wife)

There are no pictures of Pappy
Pritchett's wife that I have ever seen.
Big Daddy (John Powers), Cozette
Barnett, Lela (Momma) Powers, Paula
Powers Senior in front of Hamburger
stand in Athens.
of Powers
Early Picture of Cozette and Paul Sr.