The Shadow's Nose


My Pumpkin Mud Pie


By Albert Henderson

December 4, 2009

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Twas the month before Christmas in our house where it’s at

All the creatures were stirring,

Even our cat


 Looking forward to Thanksgiving with all that food               

The ‘fridge and freezer all full; our family in a good mood


The Shadow of Innocence




Little did we know that Shadow, our pet,

Planned her own Thanksgiving meal

More than we planned for her to get




Opened the freezer did she

Helped herself to Pork Chops free


Not to be left hungry was she, what else did she get?

At least one large frozen meat cutlet


This outside dog that inside came

When Ike destroyed our fence                                                                                                                                                          

Outside pet gained inside fame


Inside our house she does now stay

She wants no part of the “outside” way


The key was lost for our freezer old

How could we know that our dog, Shadow

Could be so bold


That key was found, our freezer locked tight as a drum

Now Shadow could get nary a crumb


At least we thought our freezer secure

Sitting in our garage,

Several pork chops fewer


Even an inside dog must outside go

To take care the call of daily duty,

But soon we found her buried booty



What we found was revealing of course

Shadow had for future use buried her hidden meat source


Not hungry at her regular meal

Led us to believe she had something to conceal


Oh but we did, out fox that old hound

She could not open that freezer now that the lock was found


Never say never; Shadow was clever

Her method of opening the ‘fridge was even better


That night I heard a shriek and sprang to see what was the matter

I found  Pat’s yogurt all a-splatter


That dog had now found

She could open that fridge with no lock around


Today Pat alerted me that Shadow was in the bushes hiding out

Better check to see what it was all about


Did she get in the freezer again?

No, its has a lock

Maybe I’d better check

Are we missing  any fridge stock


Lo and behold and Jiminy Criminey Christmas




No wonder that dog hunger lacked last night

My pumpkin pie became part of her diet!!                                                                                      



That dog has been in trouble before

But this is the last straw

She got my pie opening that door


Outside in the flower bed under the window I found                                                                                          

The entire pumpkin pie (minus 3 pieces) so round


Buried box and all

This wolf had hidden her booty for      

Later recall


Does anyone want a wolf in dog’s clothes?

How did she open the freezer and fridge door?