My personal history that led me to Sigma Chi
. I was blessed to grow up in two different
worlds. I lived in a small East Texas town of Malakoff with my Grandparents and
attended school there, but my summers were spent visiting my Mother, sister and
stepfather in Pt. Neches. It was natural that I began my Sophomore year in 1958 at
Lamar Tech, living with the Powers and commuting to Lamar. My sister, Vivien, began
commuting to Lamar with me, after she graduated from PNG in 1959. Salute to my sister
Vivien Powers
Salute to my sister Vivien Powers   Sorority Pledges 1959

My early memories of fraternity life were when I was invited to go to Jack Cockerham's
house, located near Lamar, for a Kappa Phi get-together. This must have been in 1958. I
don't remember much, but the one thing that I do remember was playing tackle football in
Jack's living room. I won't absolutely say for certain that there was any alcohol involved,
but.....; This was my first meeting with the Kappa Phi group and I was immediately
impressed by the comradeship shown by all. Little did I know that by joining this group, I
would later be associated with Sigma Chi. At the time, I didn't know that there was any
difference between a local and a national. I had no inkling that I had joined what I later
realized to be the "best fraternity", Sigma Chi.  Even now, I think the hand of providence
was upon me and I was guided to this group.