Ben was a starter on the Malakoff football teams, but reached the age of
19 and was not eligible his senior year. Eddie, Ben and I ran around
together during our senior year. We were all three on the football team
our junior year and graduated together. One story that I shall always
remember happened during our library period, which I think was 1st
period. It was referred to as "Study Hall", which it sometimes was, but
often, NOT. Ben and I had already finished our senior Term paper and
so, we thought it would be funny to torment Eddie, who had waited until
the last minute. (don't know why Ben and I had finished early). Ben
grabbed his paper away from him and took off with it, with Eddie in hot
pursuit. I was supposed to be part of the relay that would keep Eddie
busy. Eddie was never one to get mad, but this time he did. Eddie could
flat out run in those days!! He chased Ben down in the hall and retrieved
his paper and you can believe we left Eddie Alone. Eddie was mad
enough to strangle us both. Never tried that again!!
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Ben and Don Provoke Eddie