At the beginning of this school year (2013) I faxed a letter to the Forney school district
in hopes that I could get pictures of Billy Mack from the Forney yearbook. I received a nice
Email from Judy Sacco, the Forney Asst. Supt., saying that she was swamped because of
the beginning of school. I Emailed her again and told her that I thought she might find the
information in the 1968 yearbook since the accident occurred in October of 1967. Last
week, (November) I sent Judy another Email because I had not heard back from her since
early in the year. Today(Dec. 5) she sent me the pictures from the 1967 Yearbook, which I
think was the '66 Football season. I was thrilled to find that Mack was in several pictures
and that he coached several teams. Forney High school apparently only lost one game
that year and Billy Mack's other football teams were
undefeated. Wow!!
Whenever I thought about it, I remembered that Mac was not at Forney in '67, but was at
Richardson Jr. High.
  During the summer of '66, Vivien was hired by the Richardson school district to
teach in the High school and Mac was hired to teach and coach in Richardson Jr.
High. He was again undefeated through 8 games when the fatal accident
occurred .
Here we are 50 years later, wondering what Mac's coaching career would have been
like? He and Vivien were on task to be number one in whatever they did. In their short time
on Earth, they both accomplished much. The question that will never be answered, "Would
Mac have been a head coach somewhere? Would he have gone into administration?
Would Vivien have been in state Education higher offices or maybe even national?
  This leaves us all unfulfilled, but knowing that Heaven gained a #1 Football
Coach  and a # 1 Drama Coach.
Mac with his
contagious smile.
As I remember back on this I am
reminded of the twists and turns in
life that alter our very direction. I
was reminded that Mac's head
coach at Forney was Coach
Henderson (no kin to me that I
know of) The car that Mac collided
with that fatal day had Henderson
on board..