Dennis's Tribute to Craig


During the school year from Sept. '62 to May '63 when Craig was Consul of Epsilon Chi he was always an inspiration to all of us newly initiated Sigs. He was smart yet caring and a true leader. We all learned much from his integrity, dedication and devotion to Sigma Chi. Even though we were all men of different Temperaments, Talents and Convictions he used his leadership skills in making us all men of Friendship, Justice and Learning. Craig, in many ways, lived by the guidelines set by the Jordan Standard. He had an ability to make each of his brothers and pledges feel important and motivated  to contribute as much as we could to our chapter, our college and eventually to our own futures. In other words, he gave us the confidence to believe that we could accomplish any goal that we set for ourselves. His influence made a big difference in the lives of so many.
Craig Ponder will be sorely missed by this world. "ALL HONOR TO HIS NAME."

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