Dear Brother Henderson,
Let me commend you, with all the sincerity I possess, on what a wonderful job you did on this "Tribute To Brother Craig
Ponder."  This was well done and was a work of love to both your fraternity and to your brothers. I only wish that we had
the e-mail addresses of all our brothers who were at the 1988 reunion so that this tribute to Craig could be shared with
them. I know that every brother who receives this tribute will treasure it and be reminded once again of the Honor it is to
be a Sigma Chi.
Don, I have a very rare old photo of Craig Ponder, Bob Morgan, Gene Davis, Jim Porter and myself that I will scan and
e-mail to you tonight. It was taken in the summer of 1962 in the parking lot in front of the old fraternity lodges when we
were getting ready to leave for our trip to Culver, Indiana for the Sigma Chi Workshop being held at Culver Military
Academy that year. That was a wonderful experience and trip for all of us in that picture. We even made a quick stop at
the Sigma Chi National Headquarters in Evanston, Illinois on our way back. Attach the picture and make it a part of
Craig's Lamar Sigma Chi Section if you wish. As you said, "There are not too many pictures of Craig still around."
Thanks again for what you have done.
In Hoc,
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