Dennis's Don Walker Story

Besides what I said in my second paragraph below I can remember that we stopped in Tulsa, Oklahoma on our way back to Beaumont to visit with Brother Don Walker who was our Grand Praetor as you may recall. He lived on the top floor in a suite of a hotel in downtown Tulsa. He put each of us up in our own suite for the night which was a pretty big deal for a group of 19 and 20 year old guys from Beaumont. Each suite, I remembered, had its own refrigerator stocked with an assortment of canned pre-mixed cocktails which I had never seen before at that time. Don took all of us out to eat at a fancy French Restaurant that night and a very funny thing happened. None of us had ever been to such a fancy place before in our young lives so we didn't really know what to expect or do. Don got a big laugh when we all started to eat with our spoons what we thought was some kind of broth when in reality they were "finger bowls" for cleaning your hands.  Ha!  Never will forget that moment. We all had a wonderful time together that week in August 1962.

By Dennis Hollander, Jan. 2009

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Don Henderson's  response to Dennis about Country Boys

Dennis, well said. Outstanding memories!! I thought only country boys from Malakoff, suffered from such social misunderstandings.

Bro Don Henderson

Dennis's response to Don about Country Boys

No, us country boys from the "Golden Triangle" are also included in that elite group.