Others will know this information better than I, but here is some of the things that I
remember about the Garcia family. I suppose the Garcia family was the one Mexican
family left after the Lignite mines closed. They lived out on the highway toward Eustace,
before there was a Cedar Creek Lake. Was it hwy. 190? I'm not sure if the elder Garcia
went to work in Pr. Arthur before or after the Garcia's Mother died. I think she died of
cancer. This left the family with no Mother and a Dad working in Pt. Arthur. I will attempt
to give the list of brothers from oldest to youngest.(I guess they must have kept trying to
find that girl baby).Rudolf, Jimmy, Jessie, Ben, Frank, Eddie, Paul. Perhaps Rudolf was
already out of school when his Mother passed, but the rest were left the task of
maintaining the household, while Dad worked at Texaco in Pt. Arthur. As the oldest
graduated the next in line took over. This went on until Paul, the youngest, was left and
he went to live with the Surls. This amazing family managed to graduate everyone and
then proceeded to have successful careers.
Rudolf held a good job in Pt. Arthur, Jimmy became a teacher and later a counselor in
Orange and Bridge City. Jessie, according to Frank, was successfull (I just don't
remember what he said), Frank retired from working in a Industrial plant in the Beaumont
area and currently lives in the middle of his 40 acres. Ben was a furniture salesman in Pt.
Arthur and last but not least......Paul currently is a dentist. Jimmy passed away a couple
of years ago and I am not sure about Rudolf, but Jessie
was still alive when I wrote this. .
Jimmy in yearbook 1948,  
teacher, counselor,
daughter is a Doctor
This is the only picture I could find of what I think is Jessie in
the 7th grade in 1948. This would mean he graduated in '53 and
this is the yearbook that I am missing.
This is Eddie Garcia in 1957,
8th grade, when Ben was a
senior. He became a teacher.
This is Frank, a Soph in '57
Dr. Paul Garcia in 5th grade; '57
Ben; 1937-2014
Always a Tiger!!