Memories of a visit to the Garcia House in Malakoff
Don't get me to lying, but I think this happened in about '55 or '56. Ben and I ran
around together in his 40 something auto and sometimes I visited at the Garcia house.
Of course it was "off-limits" for me at the time. My Grandmother did not allow me to be
with sinners. (bless her heart, we actually, by today's standards, never did anything
wrong, perhaps a little card playing. We gambled for match sticks or pennies, and no
there was not adult supervision, but we really did not need it. The Garcia family was as
honest as the day is long and all were very mature for their age. I can still hear Frankie
Laine playing in the background. One of the Garcia boys was playing the 45 of
"Moonlight Gambler". What a great memory!! The worst thing there, other than
gambling is someone might be smoking......plain tobacco!!

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Moonlight Gambler.
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