• Since they "picked up the sidewalks in Malakoff by 6 pm.", if we wanted any activity after
    dark, we went to Athens. This consisted of going to the Drive Inn or the downtown
    theaters. Or, circling the Dairy Queen to get a glimpse of any girl. Perhaps, driving around
    the courthouse circle and stopping at a restaurant to have coffee or coke. I think it was
    called the City Cafe. While in the CAFE, we often would play the Jukebox and one song
    that  I remember was YOUNG LOVE. It seems like the  cost to play the Jukebox was about
    5 cents or maybe 10 cents. A lot of money for us poor boys. I have been debating as to
    whether it was Sonny James or Ferlin Husky, but I found two versions by Sonny James
    and I think the Young Love Early Version may be the one. Eddie, Ben and I all liked this
  • YouTube Link to Sonny James and Young Love

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