A Salute to Brother Jack Cockerham
Brother Jack Cockerham always
seemed older than the rest of us, He
may have been slightly older, but he
was  a lot more mature. Jack was a
leader and an organizer. The
confidence in his abilities was shown by
our group because we elected him
president of the
local Kappa Phi and
then the first Consul of Sigma Chi..         
    Due to Jack's organizational skills,
and his dedication, much credit should
be given to him for our Epsilon Chi
Chapter being established. He was the
guiding force behind the petition which
lead  to our Kappa Phi group becoming
Sigma Chi. Without his leadership and
hard work, we would not have become
Sigma Chis. When there was work to be
done for the chapter, Jack was there.
When there was an intramural sport to
be played, Jack was available. He also
was active in affairs of the Lamar
intrafraternity council.  When
organization and hard work was
needed, Jack was ready.
All Honor to His Name
NOTE: Charles Porter
should be Charles
This is taken from the earliest Lamar Tech yearbook that I
possess...1959. Not sure when Jack began Lamar, but I maybe
1957 and if so he was perhaps one of the 1st Kappa Phis. You
will also note, he was PLEDGE TRAINER in the fall of '59 and
PRESIDENT in the Spring.
Kappa Phi's Jack Cockerham and Bill Tarver, both very active in campus social life. DERBY DAY
Brother Jack serving as Treasurer for the Interfraternity council and Representative for Kappa Phi
Brother  Bill Tarver, Representative for Kappa Phi, 1960