My early memories of fraternity life were when I was invited to go to
Jack Cockerham's house, located near Lamar, for a Kappa Phi
get-together. This must have been in 1958. I don't remember
much, but the one thing that I do remember was playing tackle
football in Jack's living room. I won't absolutely say for certain that
there was any alcohol involved, but.....; This was my first meeting
with the Kappa Phi group and I was immediately impressed by the
comradeship shown by all. Little did I know that by joining this
group, I would later be associated with Sigma Chi. At the time, I
didn't know that there was any difference between a local and a
national. I had no inkling that I had joined what I later realized to be
the "best fraternity", Sigma Chi.  Even now, I think the hand of
providence was upon me and I was guided to this group.

Kappa Phi 1959 memories and or Sigma Chi- I really do have some
foggy memories, but here are a few that I remember.

Intramural sports- We competed in football, basketball, track,
swimming and maybe tennis and golf (can not remember for sure)
By brother Don Henderson