Back in the "Good Ole Days" everyone had a nickname. I was Pedro
(named by Tony Womack for a story about a squawking parrot and Tony
said I was always "Squawking about something" so the name stuck. Tony
named a lot of people, including Ben, who became "Ben Gun" after the
hermit in Treasure Island. Another "nick name" was "Miser" Drake, which for
those who remember Albert Drake and his store will know why. He lived a
very miser
ly life and was often besieged by teenagers harassing him By
today's standards, not anything bad. One night Ben, Eddie and I had been
doing our usual "gallivanting" and were near empty on the gas. We "pooled"
our money and well after midnight, woke up "Miser" which he happily
pumped us a quarter's worth of gas. It probably gave us at least a gallon or
more. Off we went, good for at least another trip to Athens and back