As you know I am no speaker
    But I just felt it in my
hart to bring you this
devotional today so I hope
I make it you will bare with me
First since this is Mother's day
I would like to
tell a little true story. As a child
My Mother passed on to heaven
When I was 6 years old.
There was 4 of us I was the
oldest, we were drug from one
relative to another, then our
Dad married again, we weren't much better off,
We never knew
what it was to have the teachings
of God, but I am sure most
of you do still have your mothers
Now a poem
By George Bancroft Griffith
If you have a gray haired Mother
in the old home far away
Set you down and write the letter
You put off from day to day
Don't wait until her waning steps
reach heaven's pearly gates
But show her that you think of her
Before it is to late
I you have a tender message,
or loving word to say
Don't wait till you forget it
But whisper it today
Who knows what bitter memories
may haunt you if you wait?
So make your loved one happy
Before it is too late
The tender word unspoken
The letter never sent
The long forgotten message
The wealth of love unspent
For these same harts
are breaking
For there some loved ones wait;
Show them that you
care for them
Before it is to late

Bow your heads in prayer
Dear God we thank thee
that thy holy hand has
endured throughout the ages
as a guide for life's journey.
Grant that parents and
Children everywhere will rely
on thy precepts to light the way
for themselves and their loved
ones, In our savior's name, amen
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Below is my Mother's (Gladys Rogers
Henderson Powers) devotional preparation and
written as much as possible as she wrote it.