OCTOBER 18, 2020
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Sunday worship services only at 10:00 a.m., until further notice.  Amen
“Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is, but
exhorting one another, and so much the more, as you see the day approaching”  
(Hebrews 10:25).  
                            HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOR OCTOBER
16th Sammy Drake;  16th Juan Huffman;  17th Susie Stephens;
19th Cyndi Middleton;  21st Kareena Fillyaw;  25th Sande Endy;
                            HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FOR OCTOBER
                                16th Juan & Gwen Huffman;

Chapter 1:1-14:
  God’s Final Word in His Son:   God, after He spoke long ago to the
fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways, in these last days has
spoken to us in His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom also He
made the world.   And He is the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of
His nature, and upholds all things by the word of His power.   When He had made
purification of sins, He sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high, having
become as much better than the angels, as He has inherited a more excellent name
than they.   For to which of the angels did He ever say, “You are My Son, Today I
have begotten You”?   And again, “I will be a Father to Him and He shall be a Son to
Me”?   And when He again brings the first born into the world, He says, “And let all
the angels of God worship Him.”   And of the angels He says, “Who makes His angels
winds, and His ministers a flame of fire.”   But of the Son He says, “Your throne, O
God, is forever and ever, and the righteous scepter is the scepter of His kingdom.  
“You have loved righteousness and hated lawlessness; Therefore God, Your God
has anointed You with the oil of gladness above your companions.”   And “You, Lord,
in the beginning laid the foundation of the earth, and the heavens are the works of
Your hands;  They will perish but You remain;  And they all will become old like a
garment, and like a mantle You will roll them up;  Like a garment they will also be
changed.   But You are the same, and Your years will not come to an end.”   But to
which of the angels has He ever said, “Sit at My right hand, until I make Your enemies
a footstool for Your feet”?   Are they not all ministering spirits, sent out to render
service for the sake of those who will inherit salvation?
(More Next Week Stay Tuned!)

                          The Terrible Nature And Results Of Sin
                 Written By Jason Trick, Herty Church of Christ, Lufkin, Texas

Whenever we sin, there are consequences that come as a result of the sin.  Some of
these consequences are spiritual and some are physical.   When Adam and Eve
sinned they experienced both physical and spiritual consequences.   We need to
understand where sin originated, and what it does to a person to grasp the
consequences of it.   Many have failed to regard how God feels about sin and the
results of it.   If we are ever going to try to avoid it and seek to avail ourselves of the
only remedy there is for us to be saved from the guilt of sin and the eternal
consequences, there must be a complete understanding of sin’s nature and the
destruction it causes.
   The Scriptures give us an insight into where sin originated.   It all began in the
garden of Eden.   The writer records, “Now the serpent was more cunning than any
beast of the field which the Lord God had made.   And he said to the woman, ‘Has
God indeed said, “You shall not eat of every tree of the garden?’” And the woman
said to the serpent, ‘We may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden;  but of the fruit
of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, “You shall not eat of it,
nor shall you touch it, lest you die”’   Then the serpent said to the woman, ‘You will
not surely die.   For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened,
and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.’   So when the woman saw that the
tree was good for food, that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree desirable to make
one wise, she took of its fruit and ate.   She also gave to her husband with her, and
he ate” (Gen. 3:1-6).   Satan is the one who tempted Eve to disobey God.   Sin is
perpetuated by the same principles today by which it began.   John describes these
temptations of sin as “the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life . .
.”  (1st John 5:15-17).   It is by these avenues in which sin enters into the hearts of
men and destroys them (Mark 7:20-23).
   The Bible has defined the word “sin” so that man can have a clear understanding
of its definition.   It is a transgression of law (1st John 3:4).   Friend, when we violate
God’s law the result is sin.   It is lust, conceived, or fulfilled (James 1:14-15).   It is “to
him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin . . .” (James4:17).   If it is
not “of faith” it is sin (Romans 14:23).   For something to be of faith, it must be taught
in the Word of God (Romans 10:17).   All unrighteousness is sin.   Again, the word of
God is the standard of righteousness (Psalm 119:172).
   Sin is described in different forms.   There are sins of commission – wrong things
that we do (1st John 3;4).   There are sins of omission – things that we should so that
we fail or neglect to do (James 4:17; Matt. 25:24-30; 41-46).   There are sins of
ignorance (Acts 17:30).   There are sins of weakness (Gal. 6:1).   There are sins
rebellion (1st Sam. 15:22-23).   There are sins of presumption (Num. 15:30-31).   
There are sins against morality (Gal. 5:19, 21).   There are sins of religious error
(Matt. 15:8-9).   We live in a world that says, “I didn’t know it was a sin.”   Would God
give us His law then leave us in the dark as to what is lawful of unlawful?   How could
God judge and condemn man if sin could not be defined and understood?   Sin is
clearly manifested through his Word, but some will not take the time to study and find
out what the Lord teaches on this subject.  Have You?
   Paul states an important reality that every individual will face as to the horrific
consequences of sin.   “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked;  for whatever a man
sows, that he will also reap.   For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap
corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life” (Gal. 6:
   Sin simply cannot be taken lightly, regardless of the nature of the sin.   Sin is
destructive, and it will surely destroy us if we allow it to, but we should be eternally
grateful to God that He provided us a way of escape from its damaging
consequences.      Amen.

ATTENTION:     Let’s not forget to restock the pantry.   As a reminder, the pantry is
‘always’ open.   If you know of any that have a need that can be supplied by the
pantry items, you can get access to the pantry at any time with a phone call.   May
God bless the volunteers in their effort to help others in need.   Amen.
NOTICE:     The program, ‘In Search of the Lord’s Way’, airs on Sunday mornings.   
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ATTENTION:     The worship service at Village on the Park, on Sundays, has been
put on hold for an unspecified time.  It shall return soon.

‘Bible Riddles’ You Should Know (Easy From the N.T.):   
1.”Give my sons great honor,” with the Lord I pleaded;
 “One on His right, the other, His left, that they be seated.”
2.The name of a traitor I shared, the Lord knew as my older brother;
 Heaven & earth provided our fathers, out of Nazareth came our mother.
3.Stones kept smashing my body, but through the pain I could see,
 Jesus standing up in heaven, at God’s side, awaiting me.
Answers to Last Week’s ‘Bible Riddles’:  1. Mary Magdalene (John 20:1, 11-18);  2.
The five wise virgins (Matt. 25:1-13);  3. Herod (Mark 6:14-29).
Our memory verse for October comes from the
Old Testament book of  Psalm
  Only one verse.   
Easy and familiar.   Repeat it over and over.   You can do it.
“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to
dwell together in unity!”  (Psalm 133:1)

Norma Hicks; Sharon (Norma’s dtg.in-law);  Violet Kendrick & family; Jean Williams;
Kenneth Bone; ‘Ro’ Higgins (Roy Higgins son); Selena Baker; Louise Drake; Ramona
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‘Cotton’ Weaver; Evalette Dunbar; Jim & Sande Endy; Amelia Williamson; Rebecca
Stone; Faye Stephens; Billie Nelson; Henderson family; Ethel & Hubert Crowson; Don
Blackwell; Maya Briggs; J. O’Brien;  Ina Henry & Family;
Sis. Ethel Crowson is now back at the home nursing facility, 830 Hodgkins, Hou., TX,  
77032.  She is doing better but she is still having extensive medical problems.   
Remember her, Hubert and family in your prayers.
Sis. Ina Henry doing well.   Remember her and family in your prayers.
Bro. Jim Endy doing better at home.  Remember the family in prayers.
Sis. Evalette Dunbar having some tests.  Remember her in your prayers.
Baby Maya Briggs doing better.   Remember her and family in your prayers.
Sis. Rebecca (Becky) Stone needs our prayers.
Remember Ken, Beverly, and Kamryn Fillyaw in your prayers.
Remember Bro. Cotton Weaver in your prayers.
Bro. Kenneth Bone doing well and still needs our prayers.
Ronnie Weaver still needs our prayers.
Ed Walker still needs our prayers. you.
Bro. Shawn Henderson & family needs our prayers as they deal with illnesses.
“. . .
The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much”  (James
(Read:   1st Samuel 13:7-14)
In an act of impatience, a man in San Francisco, California, tried to beat traffic by
swerving around a lane of cars that had come to a stop.   However, the lane he
pulled into had just been laid with fresh cement, and his Porsche 911 got stuck.   
This driver paid a high price for his impatience.
   The Scriptures tell of a king who also paid a high price for his impatience.   Eager
for God to bless the Israelites in their battle against the Philistines, Saul acted
impatiently.   When Samuel did not arrive at the appointed time to offer a sacrifice for
God’s favor, Saul became impatient and disobeyed God’s command (1st Sam. 13:8-
9, 13).   Impatience led Saul to think he was above the law and to take on an
unauthorized position of priest.   He thought he could disobey God without serious
consequences.   He was wrong.  When Samuel arrived, he rebuked Saul for his
disobedience and prophesied that Saul would lose his kingdom for his impatience.    
(By Marvin Williams)
“In your patience, possess ye your soul”  (Luke 21:19 [KJV])