Sigma Chi Initiation for Charter Members
Sigma Chi National was on campus at Lamar for several days prior to our actual initiation, maybe a week. I
can't remember for sure. We each were given one of the founders as an assignment and then we had to
give a short talk to the group. I was never good at speaking in front of a group and I don't think I did very
well. Sometime during this week, we had to take an exam over the Pledge book, which we all had been
studying prior to this. Maybe this came before, I'm not sure, but what I remember, it was all essay and took
a while to take. I do remember that Craig Ponder made the highest grade, which was no surprise to
anyone. That night we had our quest. We were sent out in 2's and one group brought back a railroad
cross tie. Another group was approached by 2 girls in a convertible, who tried to pick them up. Apparently
these girls were hard to resist, but Sigma Chi was more important, ha!!

The next morning we were loaded onto a bus and blind folded. Our destination: The Shamrock Hotel in
Houston for our formal initiation. They led us through the kitchen and into some room where we
experienced an outstanding ceremony. We were initiated jointly with Sam Houston State and we became
Charter members of Lamar Epsilon Chi and Sam Houston State became charter members of the
Caballeros. Becoming a Sigma Chi was indeed one of the outstanding memories of my life.