Be advised; this is a satire, meant to bring comic relief. Anyone offended by the
satirical content of this site, please forgive me. It is meant to do no harm. I love the
Star Wars episodes, and since
(attack of the Clones trailer)--------> Star Wars Episode II
debuted on the same day (May 16th
, 2002) as the sad announcements, this story  
seemed appropriate. Writing has always been a way of healing for me. The incident
was very difficult for all of us, and we need a laugh. Please laugh with me. No harm
is intended.
My two years at Concordia have been a blessing for me. I have been touched by
some the most wonderful people I have ever been associated with. Many of the
students that I have met and taught have become very special to me. My two year
association with the Concordia soccer team was outstanding. If I had dreamed of a
script to write about, the past two years would have been a perfect choice. Perhaps
the ending may have been written differently, but the basic story would have been
the same. I thank God for allowing me to be a part of a truly great two years. I pray
for a very special blessing for each of you. For those, like myself, who are suffering,
remember God has a better plan. Doors will be opened and new lives begun.

God bless you all,
May the "FORCE" (GOD)
Don Henderson
Concordia Science and Soccer Coach: 2000-2002

$tar Weres
"The List" Episode
In a place, far, far down the corridor of space, along the 2920 space way, in another Galaxy
and another way, was the land of Concordia. Recently, Concordia had shown brightly as a
satellite of hope, proudly displaying signs of growth, as an oasis, in a desert of otherwise
educational void.
However, part of the growth of Concordia was influenced by the dark side and led by the evil
one: Darth $ader. Due to his cunning presence, Concordia's young Edu-eye student warriors
were less and less influenced by good and more and more influenced by the dark side. The
population of the Empire had increased so rapidly that evil was about to prevail. Darth
$ader's influence was being felt everywhere and Concordia was being called Dis-Cordia. The
council, meeting in secret, was desperately trying to save the Empire of Concordia. They
knew that Darth $ader was influencing even their finances. The recent collapse of  the
Empire of  InCon had affected the livelihood  of many  young  Edu-eye warrior parents.  The
attack of the Aliens on the towers in the remote island of N.Y. had directly affected millions of
people throughout the Galaxy and many indirectly in the Concordia community. The council
was now faced with the difficult task of saving Concordia from further attack by Darth $ader.
The price would be heavy. Causalities would be needed in order to continue to fight against
the dark side. The immediate solution was to down size the entire Edu-eye warrior training
staff. So, guided by U.D.1- Leader, the plan was given to

A meeting was called for all  Edu-eye warrior instructors for 7:00 A.M., May 16 (so as to correspond with the debut of
Star Wars Episode II): The course of action was deemed necessary because Darth $ader was so close within that you
could hear his breathing.
Six Edu-eye warrior instructors would be removed, based on extendability. With a trimmed back squad, and the
calling of younger recruits, the Empire could strike back. On May 16, the announcement was made that Concordia
must make some drastic changes in order for the Empire to survive
Darth $ader's attacks.
I-B-one J.Bodie was given the list of who would be removed. One by one they were called in.
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ALERT!!!  McPrincess Barb our beloved princess has been stolen away by Darth $ader
She is being held captive in that alien "Cajun" nation.
The Concordia Empire must now look to Duke
Scott Walter
, the young Eud-eye instructor, who
is trained to fight the Evil One. His saber of light must
immediately be used to cleanse the system of the
dark side of
Darth $ader.
Duke Scott Walter vs. Darth $ader
McPrincess Barb
There now are dark forces at work in the kingdom
Concordia and future generations must pay,
while present ones are now paying. The number
of young dedicated Edu-eye warriors is down.
Empire of Concordia now lies in partial
disarray, and
Darth $ader has almost succeeded
in changing the name to
Princess Leia
Luke SkyWalker
© Albert Henderson 2002
© Albert Henderson 2002
© Albert Henderson 2002
© Albert Henderson 2002
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