Leroy Rogers
Uncle Lee was the one who told me some of his war
experiences, but he never told that much. Uncle Lee was
always a hero to me not only because of his service in the
military, but for his honesty. What you saw is what you got.
He never hesitated to tell it like it was!! He was very
opionated, but if proven to be wrong, he would always man
up. Just a few of the things that I know about Uncle Lee's
Service. He was left on the battlefield, thought to be dead.
He carried the scars of a bullet the rest of his life. Uncle Lee
even went back into battle after his wound  He told me that
he shot Germans like they were rabbits. His scars from war
(some not visible) were life- long, but he never complained
or 'bad-mouthed" the military. This is our way of thanking
him for his service
Read the Story Given by Uncle Leroy's daughter LaDona
TOM ROGERS and son LeRoy
LeRoy holding Mable
Story given by Ladonna Rogers Davis, Uncle Leroy's daughter.
A part of the reason Uncle Lee is an American hero.

Daddy received The Bronze Star and a certificate from France for his finding
a water well while his company was pinned down by the Germans.  He was
on a one man excursion to find some wine cellars and while his company
was pinned down, the leadership said they were out of water and had to find
some.  Daddy spoke up and told of the well.  He and another man gathered
canteens and in the cover of night, made several trips to get water for the
company.  This was written up by the man who joined Daddy in his Veterans
magazine and part of the speech I wrote to commemorate Daddy and all vets
on a special Veterans Day presentation in November, the month after Daddy
died.  He was also in the "first wave" at Omaha Beach on D day so anyone
who saw SAVING PRIVATE RYAN could "see" what my Daddy DID!  He made it
while hundreds of young men like him....18,19, 20 year olds did not.