It has been 60 years since my sister Vivien Powers Ingram graduated from Pr. Neches Groves High school. Viv was a participant in all
aspects of high school life. Just to name a few: she was a Majorette in the PNG band and played a clarinet. Her academic record was
always near the top. Viv was editor for her yearbook and was outstanding in every endeavor she participated in.
The following is taken from her ’59 yearbook (which she was the editor).

War Whoop 2, 3, Edi¬tor 3; Band 1,2,3; Twirler 2, 3; Instrumental Music 1; Interscholastic League Music 2, 3; Student Council 1, Delegate
to District Convention 1; Quill and Scroll 2, 3; Science Club 2; Future Teachers 2, 3, Corresponding Secretary 3, Miss FTA 3, Delegate to
District Convention 3; Inter¬scholastic League Play 1, 3, Student Director 1; Senior Play 3; Interscholastic League Debate 1, First in
District 1; Who's Who 3; Rotary Sweetheart 3; Class Officer 3; Class Favorite 3; Royal Court 3; Eleven Top Sophomores 1; Nation¬al
Honor Society 2, 3, Vice President 3; Classroom Teachers Association Scholarship
In ’57-’58 I had lived with my Grandparents and attended H.C.J.C., but in 1958 I made
the decision to begin college at Lamar Tech.  I chose to live with my Mother, Step
Father, and Sister in Pt. Neches and commuted to Lamar. While I attended Lamar,
Vivien was letting her light shine at PNG (Port Neches Groves). Not only was she
into everything at PNG, she also was an officer in Rainbow Girls. Not only was she
an officer, she was the top leader. I had been visiting with the Powers each summer
since I was about 8 years old, so it was a natural for me to want to go to Lamar
where I thought I wanted be a Chemical Engineer. Calculus and Physics thought
different. My 1st year at Lamar was a struggle, but I looked forward to the fall of ’59
when Viv and I would be attending college together. Viv transitioned from high
school to college life with the same energy, poise, and dedication she always
possessed. She was soon a well-known student on campus and into everything. The
1960 Lamar yearbook has proof of her activities, or least a small part of them.
Meanwhile she continued her local Rainbow work and was also a state Rainbow officer. Vivien
was at ease speaking in front of any group and was never afraid to expand her undertakings.
Her first year at Lamar we sometime commuted together, but later we each had our own paths
to travel, yet often our paths did cross. Vivien soon pledged a sorority, Kappa Delta, and when
she was a senior she was the president of that group. I in the meantime  pledged a local
fraternity, Kappa Phi. (which later became Sigma Chi) I was a social wall flower, but on the
other hand, Viv was a social butterfly. Meantime, Viv was excelling in everything she tried, while
I was barely hanging on. No question her brain power was better than mine, but she also was a
much more efficient worker. We each had our own room in the Powers home for study and
sleep and mid night oil was regularly burned. Thinking back on those years gone by, I cherish
the precious time we had together and too short a time it was.
I thank God for the Precious
Moments he allowed me to have with her; because reflecting back that time was granted
as a special gift.
Many of Viv’s activities at Lamar extended from her Freshman Year in ’59 to her Sophomore in
60. Listed here shows the pages she appeared in the ’61 Yearbook.